Homer 3-D annuli that are on my mind. case in point are the donut holes i've been eating for breakfast. they make me sick. i'd rather eat/dance-in donuts.

uh...mmmm donuts.
holger do nuts 000616
tourist I used to call em "dog nuts"
no reason
pat sajaks ghost old hick 011115
Toxic_Kisses The Other Robert use to work @ a donut place and he'd bring me some every once in a while b4 school started and play his guitar az he sang and I ate 020518
nametag: little girl 1 and donuts,
i love donuts
(sn sn sn)
a girl with nothing to say donuts have to be the grossest tasting bitches in the world 031123
bork they will destroy you, if not in death, then in life..(but their still yum) 040809
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