maxwellthorne I just figured out how much it costs to live and I realized that I'm just not ready to stop being a kid.
It's right around the corner, but it sure doesn't feel like it's getting any closer.
Soon it'll be here.
^@^ I sat down one day and ran the numbers on my cash income and outflow. I found that I was losing $9.92 a day working for those bastards. I quit the next day.
I scavenged for scrap metal and rebuilt six 105mm Howitzers for the Army during the next few months. Then I got another job.

jessicafletcher i have not enough dollars for college because i fucked up my scholarship.
i need a car.
walmart is a dangerous job, but i think i'm gonna have to go there. fuck.
ryan needs a left handed ibanez bass, and a half-stack and processor. i want to give this to him so badly. but i am poor so i bought him some of tequila chocolates, and told him that i love him (because i do)
kipper ..., jessicafletcher I does not have sufficient dollar for university, because I my gel honouring SAMNESS bumste above. I need a car. a dangerous job is walmart, but I think that I will have there to go bumse. ryan necessities more left-handed ibanezbass and half piles and processor. I would like to give it this so badly, but I am poor, therefore I bought him some from tequilaschokoladen and avowed him that I love him (because I 040414
sad_bitch money sucks ass 050311
what's it to you?
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