cole What am I doing here? I wished I belonged - I wish it were me that you needed to feel whole. I, however, am unnecessary 021026
EECP I believe that if you were truly unnecessary then you would not be where you are. Most times, people don't know what they have until it is gone. Then they need to get past their denial, you know how that is. After all of this, you may not be necessary for what you want.
What you want is always worth fighting for. Many people will oppose your choice but it is not for them to deicide. If you believe you know what you want, realize what is means to you, how it is the most valuable to you, and then fight for it. Relationships are expendable, the people involved in them are not.
Cole I believe I know what I have, and I know what I don't have. I know what I won't have, regardless of fighting. I just hope I always have you in my life, in some way. For that I will fight. Any other battle is not mine to fight. 021113
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