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god jennifer jennifer I would just like to remind everyone that Evil is bad. You just can't go
around screwing every goat that you see. If only there were people that
could stop these atrocities. Maybe one day the goats will liberat
themselves and just fly away. After all, everyone knows that goat can
fly, they just forgot how. "Be good; don't kill anyone." 010525
Jess 1 coffee
2 sugars
zeke depended from 051021
phil All the unknowns. All the music playing on blank slates, the words waiting to be arranged and stuck together like legos or sometimes with glue.
Each and every one of us, a machine off. Our hearts yearning to dig as soon as the earth appears. All those thoughts, imagine them each as being necessary and all the things we see hear today would be unnecessary without them.
unhinged 'poverty therefore, is neither a failure of capitalism nor an incidental side effect; it is necessary for capitalism to thrive. (!!!!!!!!) equally important, segments of the population are kept permanently unemployed or underemployed, and are unlikely to benefit during periods of expansion of the active workforce.' - don lash 170523
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