bijou driving home the morning after
it's so early it's so bright
it feels like lighting the first cigarette after a movie
back to your own life in your own town
with the people you always knew before, since kindergarden

i wish i could always stay there

i want to be the one who can show you
what love is. what friendship is.
i don't think you care about either.
maybe i will find you when you are old
and you will be ready to love me
silentbob Even though its all my fault the blaming myself has to come to an end

so i say....
yummychuckle i'm only pretending that I think you are funny. I'm just brushing up on my acting skills when i agree with you when you say you are 'weird' and 'crazy'. and I don't know what I am, but I know we are different, and i think its funny thatyou want so bad to be 'strange' or crazy in some way. and im probly closer than you are. as far as crazy goes anyway. 010813
eric clapton this song scares the shit out of me 010813
unhinged i'm pretending that i'm awake right now and it's almost working 010813
Tiffa Pretending I'm working, or rather... trying to convince myself that I am only pretending to work when i really am. Pity me. 010815
Inanna Sometimes it is necessary to pretend if you do not want to hurt someone's feelings. The real truth sometimes hurts. When you hurt someone else, you are really hurting yourself in the future. That is a simple law of cause
and effect called karma. Pretending is closely related to the imagination. And the imagination is a very powerful force if you use it correctly.
Namrehsif The only time I came, out of the entire time we were together, I was thinking of someone else. And even then, it was difficult to erase the smothering reality of you. 010815

the sad part?
No one else got the joke either,
spoons life is great 020627
Sailor Jupiter That a story like ours is gonna have a happy ending. 020627
trish If i pretend i love you, and stay with you, i will eventually fall in love with you only to fine out that you no longer love me. 020628
phil I tried not to pretend while you were away, and now that I see you again I find that all I was imagining is true.

So happy to find the end, so sad to watch the pain of our glue dry.

So hard to watch your silent behaviour and your cliche anger, wearing these unsmudged fingerprints.

All the lovely ideas and tragic thoughts of a long time ago, when I was still pretending, come to a close.
puredream pretending sucks. 040613
Syrope i find it all flattering
i just hope i don't take it too far
for either of us

you're already overcompensating
but some things are just too cute to mind
In_Bloom I don't miss a house full of laughter, tinkling glasses and home cooking
I don't miss weekend road trips
I don't miss Museums, galleries, walking outside
Gawd I miss walking outside
Pretending I've given up to win
no reason is getting harder and harder 091001
what's it to you?
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