deb i sit here blinking wildly at the screen
knowing he won't be here
but wishing anyway

wishing he could read what i am
trying, in vain
to say... wishing that smile
he buried in the steering wheel
was closer...
wishing tomorrow night was
here with answers to the unspoken

::shakes her head and blinks some more::
i'm just tired and
i need sleep-
my brain knows what's up
but my heart won't believe:

-she doesn't want to be
roadkill again-

careful, i break easy
Geraldine SNAP! 000124
yufap ::blink::
I wish I didn't blink so often. I wish I didn't wasted so much time with my eyes closed.
Zy Imagine if every time you blinked you really fell asleep for a split second and had a dream where you lived an entire life from birth to death, and survived a lifetime worth of experiences and emotions in your dream, but the second you opened your eyes again you woke up and you forgot it all... and within your dream, within that lifetime, every time you blinked, you dreamed of a different life, and so on,until you forget who you really are... and when you finally do stop blinking, and you wake up from the infinite lives you lived within that short time, you forget it all and just continue living, as if it all never existed? Wouldn't that be weird? 011130
mind(e.e) that would be. but i'd like to try it for a day or so. 020331
zulu 182

couldn't resist although I only like one of their songs
mypalsticmind to live different lives everytime you blink would be stressfull on the subconcious, would it not? I think that'd be truly awsome. 020829
crimson Dig your nails where
You arch your back

Door Opens

*Blink, blink, blink*
starboy A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for. 030816
TalviFatin perhaps to knock the apple out of my eye... 031005
pipedream eyelashes are the prettiest, innocentest things...butterfly antennae curling up and away- i like eyelashes 031005
nomatter i see your true colors 031005
acidshank i used to think i should watch movies twice so i would see the parts i didnt see when i had blinked 041123
Desmond Whoever said that thing about alternate universes when you blink.... that's freaky shit right there. 101117
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