Shar yeah. try and fight it. i dare you.

there is an entire world outside of this glowing box for you to see. have you really seen all of it?

i didn't think so.
tourist I presist to resist
by will not fist
Barrett "Resistance is futile."
ladybird I prefer not to resist. Why would you want to? For then you'd never know. 010514
Invisible Butterfly how can i resist u...ur just too damn irresitable 020524
ladybird irable 020729
asbestos "Resistance is useless!" bellowed the guard.

"Just don't say things like that," stammered Ford. "How can anyone maintain a positive mental attitude if you're saying things like that?"

-From Hitchiker's Guide
Lemon_Soda Resist the inner asshole. 031017
mt do NOT resist the inner asshole. 031218
Queen of Smashing Glass Houses (QSGH) HUZZAH! 080716
unhinged two of my good guy friends literally reached their hands out to choke me when i told them we were hanging out again. it was partially symbolic, but i understand their frustration.

i watch these thoughts arise and watch them float right past
neither good nor bad
the minute i try to resist
only proliferates more tension
what's it to you?
who go