typhoid life.
im sweating.
its late
ive got too much work to do.
way, way too much...
as usual.
i tried to commit myself to stay focused all evening, but didn't manage to get anything done at all..
damn distracting people. leave me alone, even though i like your company..
touch my ear.
control my mind
feel my thoughts
eat my will
focus frenzy
satiate everything
(known even by your smell and your bittersweet smile)
shan deep in my heart,
embedded in my soul.
carved in my mind,
every second of the day.
more than just a love,
a lover.
a friend, a feeling,
longer than life connection.
becoming one,
nothing can separate.
kitten on drugs you have a place in my heart, so deep that there's no getting you out of have me wrapped around your little finger...your lips brush my neck as you make love to me so sweetly and so precious lover, held tight in my arms 001121
EECP This is what I enjoy being the most. 001213
Ajuna Lover of mine

The lover i never see but feel
The lover i never touch but smell
The lover that i want to know but don't
The lover of mine that i dream of

My love my life my everything and nothing

Lover of mine
silentbob who are you and where could i find you?
i'm starting to hate you for not finding me first.
maybe we should both just die
misstree my apple tree, my brightness

less chancey than love

deep as red red wine

passion sweet upon my lips

as i drink you
moonshine Love is only grand under the right circumstances, and finally I have found those circumstances that makes love the ripest. 010114
the ghost of billie holliday man oh where can you be 010115
like rain. god fucking damnit. 010423
Tuesday Can Someone Tell Me Why I Cant Stand Being Alone.....Can Someone Tell Me Why My Dog Ran Away Yesterday..... 010424
mushroomman Where has my lover ran to,
She ran away from me, and i don't know where she hid, i search for you, oh my lover, will sweet justice ever bring you to my side?

Does honesty scare you that much?
moonshine Lovers? Your pressing friendship. No, naked bodies, but naked thoughts? 010602
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
the eye (listening to old prince tapes) "I wanna be your..." 011221
ClairE I'm only not your mistress because you can't find one to tie yourself down to. She keeps undoing your knots.

You're her little boy and I'm your new bike. Don't leave me out in the rain.
kitten on drugs oh, you're new to me. you're the best lover i've even known, and you want nothing more than to please me. i love it. i love you. i can't imagine how i lived without you.
what was meant to be kept at the level of lovers has turned into something much more.
cheer-up-emo-kid once you knew a girl and you named her lover
danced with her in kitchens through the greenest summer
autumn came, she dissapeared, you cant remember where she said she was going to
but you know that shes gone
'cause she left you a song
that you dont want to sing
girl_jane Why is the go button taking me to all these pages that just remind me of my alone-ness? 021127
crimson Everyone should experience a breathtakingly remarkable lover, a man or a woman to mold us into our maturity with brilliance, to leave us as carnal delights for the enjoyment of future libidinous partners. 031013
misstree they're not just for molding and teaching, though that is one of their more wonderful and useful functions, a friend described lovers wonderfully: "she wasn't looking for a boyfriend just some one to have amazing sex with on a regular or semi regular basis-no hurt feelings, no fighting, just sex." i prefer my lovers aloof, because i am full of passion and poetry and need a good solid wall to batter that scarlet center against (among other reasons). finding someone who can regularly commit such acts without drama or commitment or emotional wounds can be difficult, and someone who is all that and a wonderful lay more difficult yet, but so very, very worth the hunt. once i've eased into boundaries with someone i don't care about, all options are accessible, we become eachother's meat dolls, and dear lord i need to stop talking about this now, because i need to settle in for another wait of indeterminate length... 031013
crimson Naturally, they do not exist for the sole purpose of shaping and amazing-fuck-forming. I had not intended for it to sound that way if it did.
Curious. I have, somewhere, heard one say a thing much like what your friend has.
The right kind of aloofness is hard to locate, yes. It is attractive, necessary, enraging. I always think of it growing in some sick moviesque manner with the parterns confusing lust with something else and then *gasp* everything is tears breaking and fallen hearts.

"Very worth the hunt"
"Meat dolls"
Fwah. Made me smile.
misstree it didn't really, but i decided to take it that way because it gave me an excuse to yawp for a bit, as this subject is running through my brain just a little bit at the moment. (ahem.) more than happy to make you smile, though i'm more of a grin fan meself. *grin* (see? ;) 031016
misstree your touch is already fading from view.
craving remembers that
you were different, and we grinned
when we recognized that we had
black market bodies and
outrageous prices.

you got me on credit.
come back and pay up.
.fallen oh, lover... come here ... come to me ... allow me the moment of deeming you my beloved .... there will be no baring of claws and fangs ... not here .. not now ... this moment is not for the hunt ... not for the beast .... come, let me lay my hands upon you .... let me feel your touch ... we have this moment ... where the beasts don't howl .... there is no madness in these eyes ... not for you ... not now .... you can call me your sweetheart as my hands cup your breasts .... our flesh will become a way for our spirits to speak and the words we use will be the way we move ... our scents will mingle ... in the half-darkness we will linger until slowly ... slowly ... the world falls away ... slowly ... slowly we will come back into ourselves and smile .... the moment won't last but will be ours forever ... oh, lover ... come here ... come to me ... 040229
bryn He looks over at her, 'neath the star filled sky. Looks over at her through the smoke of the campfire. Her eyes are dark, just a hint of color, shifting from green to grey. And as she eats her dinner, just a lowly hotdog, he watches her lips turn red. He sees the flicker of her knife blade out, the gleam of her polished staff. And he watched her hand, callused from work, hold a stick that pokes the fire. Such lover for her, he could watch this girl all night. It's a pity, she has no clue. 040323
love & hate The love we share is so passionate,
even when i'm not around you.
I feel it, i feel it in my heart, i feel it in my soul, and i feel it between my legs.
The lover i once had, pleased me in so many ways she did not realise.
It was better than extasy.
Better than life itself.
The fantasies we had which we planned to fulfill are postponed.
The rain, the bike, the work and the blood.
her royal highness the quirk i'm listening to this song and wondering if the same thing will happen again. wondering if a year from now it'll be him instead. i'm one of those people who throws everything i have into the pot. and i'm wondering if i should learn not to do that. if i should learn to keep at least part of myself to myself. maybe i should, because when it all goes wrong i wish that i hadn't given my everything. but it's not in my nature not to give it all. it's just not possible for me to avoid it. and maybe this time that won't be a problem. maybe this time everything'll be ok. here's hoping. 040531
mous I'm yours. You should never worry- anything less than you is unacceptable. 040531
puredream Don't you want to be a lover of mine? 040601
emotional_goth_girl like?


a need above all others

i absorb life

with your breath, touch, and caress

i need you now

sitting in this tattered room
misstree i need to hear your heart beat hard.
i need to feel you clench.
i need you solid as earth,
so i can press against you and make myself real again.
misstree craving that
detached greed, that
selfish skill, that
time when it doesn't matter
who we are
because we will not stop
being ourselves.

such gifts we give
without parting with
any part of
no reason i'd ask about a lover but how would i begin 051216
andru235 someday
i will return to you
to i you will return
we will meet again
in the hills of bizzility
we will be happy together
again again again
we will meet
we will revitalize one another
f It doesn't interest me who you are, or how you come to be here.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams and for the adventure of being alive.

It doen't interest me if the story you are telling is true.
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself.
If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine.
Yet still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to the silver moon "yes!".
egger drifts into the words... 051228
I think lover is more of an ideology than an actual state personified 060103
remember me if He
gives me another chance,

I will

I promise You this

While the wild
has an apache girl

sticking her stink in Your face

I was crying

I maintain

it could have been so lovely

and maybe someday
if He wills and

You are alive and


Caroline 452 I don’t want to be the one who’s got your heart
I want to be him
I want to be what he is to you, and you to him
Your meat doll
You loved it because he apparently didn’t care about you, nor you him.
Is it possible for me to fuck you the way you want to be fucked
when you know how much I love you?
phil I wish you could see the ruby in my box of flesh. 230528
. it has been a depressingly long time since this word applied to anyone who i was exchanging words or sex with

what's it to you?
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