emma blergh. 981207
adam heehee. emma=lust. 990228
daxle has more to do with hormones than neurons, but I've learned ot accept it 990421
ceorl true lust is rarer than love

jupiter lust is an excuse to a feeling that can not be explained. Lust is a fear of falling.... 991127
jennifer Mark confronts Jolie about her waning lust for life:
Mark: "have you even listened to yourself lately? You make no sensegod, you act like you're going to do something stupidsomething like I did…"
Jolie: "and what if I am?… what if I want to end it, huh? Why the fuck should you care?"
Mark: "Damnit, Jolie! I do careI don't want you to fuck it all up like that…"
Jolie: "Why notyou did it, and you seem no worse for the ware… you can do what you like and you don't have to worry about all the stupid shit that comes with living."
Mark: (tries to grab her shoulders, ineffectively) "Jolie, you don't understandI would give anything, anything to have just one day back on earth. Just to feel aliveand nothing I do here, nothing has that same effectI just hoped that you would never be stupid enough to do the same thing I didto end it like I did. All I ever wanted for you was to live the life I could never liveDo the things I wanted to dostart a family, be happylive, like I never could…"
Jolie (apbruptly cuts him off) : "Fuck youthat is so not fair!… How can you even expect me to listen to this shit you keep feeding meyou were the one who was always going to be there for meto protect me, to love meand goddamn it, I want that back."
Mark : "you can't have that back, Joliehow many times do I have to tell you thisand even if I did live, what kind of life would "we" havethere never really was a "we"… I was gay, and you didn't know what the hell you wantedyou still don'tyou want something you could never haveand now that I'm gone.. you still want thatwe would have both been miserable, and now that I'm gone, you still want that one thing that you could never and will never haveme. I would have hoped that by now you would have moved on. "
Jolie: "I don't know how to move on. In every point in my life, it was you that helped me through it. And now you can't help methat's bullshitI don't accept thatI won't accept that."
Mark: "Joliewhat I am trying to help you do is to live."
Jolie: "Fuck you! I lived for you for 10 fucking years! Then you leftyou left meyou made a conscious fucking effort to leave me. And now you are forcing me to live for you again. Goddamn it, Mark, I can't even live for myself (Jolie dissolves into tears.)"
Mark: (tries to console her) "I'm not forcing you to live for meI'm begging you to live."
hahaha I see red fog you see red fog 000106
riot lust is the six inch scratch you leave on his back when he does the thing you never knew he could.

it's also not asking where he learned how.
lotusflower that tingly feeling that makes you want to attack and bite. 000217
someone burns and makes me laugh at the way the waffle hat looks on the waiters head
i wonder wear he is right now
and if he's thinking of what i'm thinking
ooo nasty thoughts
of pure love
somebody eve 000222
acuhymen uhn uhn uhn uhnnn
the apple

your mom
MollyGoLightly People like to wag their fingers at it. It's so nice to give in, then wake up drooling. 000324
kim i lust after all the wrong people
and i can't help myself
b/c the wrong makes it feel so right
and then he comes to me
and the lust is gone
b/c now i'm bored
and i turn back to love
EECP Lust is nothing without the force that makes any relationship worth while. Be a unique lover and only give yourself to your one perfect being. 001213
tazfab many pretty boys to lust for, and i'm lusting my ex. is that wrong? when i'm being held, and the only way i can get aroused is by thinking of him. am i missing someting? 001214
beastlust Lust is...
a Hungarian born and bred in
New England.
acceber The feeling I get when he kisses the back of my neck or touches my ears. The power that drives us to do things we thought we'd never do... 010403
as some think i think i mistook for love 010403
do_it_again Tell someone you lust for them. . .it'll only end up driving you nuts until you tell him. BELIEVE ME! i know these things. when he/she has a girlfriend/boyfriend or something even more serious (i.e. fiancee, wife/husband) you will kick yourself in the ass repeatedly. you'll never know what could've been. that's the worst feeling. much worse than rejection.. .. 010503
do_it_again kristen, please just tell him. you need that satisfaction, if nothing else. 010503
snafu stare blankly at a wall,
eyes open wide,
blood throbbing in your ears,
lusty state of mind
tiffany lust in the eyes, lust on the breath, lust in her hands while she slides them up...up and up further until they touch something that puts an electric shock in the stomach....lust in the gaze that is directed intently to you. you and only you. you silly little girl. you let her go as far as anyone could. farther than you promised yourself. if this is so wrong then why does it feel so damn right? so damn right..... 010710
Christy I suppose you came to me in a dream, with two ardent chameleon eyes that glisten beneath the blue, blank moonlight and several pale, graceful, lonely limbs that cry out to be touched, stroked, folded, and held close to my own beating heart from which a fountain of affection flows and pumps, winding and writing through my veins. go on, dear, bathe and relax. take a swim in the boundless river--it exists solely for you. 010910
lotusflower to be lusted after...
who doesn't want it?
i do.
all the time.
somebody will from bb2 did it 010923
me. no... i'm sure i just know nothing about it.

you can teach me.
sarah lust burns and consumes the most precious of my thoughts -

he says to me "i can't wait to go home tonight. i have the house to myself.the wife and kids are gone."

So, i'm thinking.. why the hell is he telling me this? ok, so. . . do you want me to ask you if you'd like some company? (i really did think about it but i couldn't bring myself to do it). God, why must i be such a pussy. The worst thing he could have done was say "no". I hate myself sometimes. . .

All becuase of the fucking lust. It's starting to piss me off.
dream within a dream he tells me tonight that he's gonna hook me up with his brother. if he's you - that's great.

just stop torturing me. . .

lust is bad. well, actually it's really good. i guess it's just one of those things that are good to get and hard to have. something like that. . . i'll shut up now.
anne_jumps I am forlorn and feeling bittersweet with all this delicious, pointless lust. 020830
devalis all consuming, all powerful, like a drug. when you're in it, it's perfect, but after you've come down from the high, depending on who you've shared your addiction with, it can be the worst feeling in the world. 020830
pepperdrinks fire

can turn from lust to anger in seconds flat

a beautiful waste.
electric why do i lust after people i HATE

and turn away from the person i LOVE?
Rakeri together with love - a powerful combination 030817
shoccolo what if, today you WILL be ignored? can you still feel the way you did before? 030817
jezabel hunger. heat. dripping, drowning intensity.

jezabel low moans under the breath
that can't be contained,
the quickening of pulse with proximity,
scarlet sparks flying from fingers.
jezabel dances in my blood
to a beat more primal
than any "love" could touch
anon that which has captured me.
that which entrances me.
that which i follow.
that which i love
ouroboros is far more honest than love but a little less satisfying than hate 031218
taintedluv part of our Primal Nature.. 040228
Syrope nice & clean cut
you come in and get the light, i get the door. i turn on the game for you. you watch it instead of me, but with empty eyes. you come too quickly, against the side of my face, in my hair. i let you out and head to the bathroom to wash that side of my hair in the sink. on my way back in i turn off the tv and gather my stuff to go visit friends.

just don't let things get complicated
ee beep peep love = bullshit
lust = real

almost everyone in the world mistakes lust for love. if someone tells me otherwise, then they're lying or still totally unaware. i've mistaken lust for love, too, plenty of times.
. . 040307
Perspective_of_Soul I wish i could just take her, ravage her until we both collapse. 040720
applegirl if your ribcage was a birdcage instead
and my bird stirs
around when you come around
but it is fleeting
because you are fleeting
and you are not lust
and i mistake every flutter
for another wish
Dan Moyer The sickness of cold flesh as
the blood is warm to freeze the mind,
intertwined the supple soft lips
give way the confusion of new hips.
easy decline inward we melt
to fields of hands covered in soft felt
gave way the collision of bone
as we travel beneath your throne
and break drive in
bleeds the relic of thought to
disperse away with all
I have been taught.
Oddly, I just don't care for
this any more.
r Lust is the sugar rim of the souffle it all bubbles and rises (so carefully!) within. 050316
petals when fools escape from love for something far less real and more illusional......

A cry falling on deaf ears kinda...
misstree scarlet and passion and
where did it go?
margaux one of the seven_deadly_sins - i am certainly guilty. anorgasmia - nymphomania - sexaholic - lustmonger - me. & yes, it's gotten me into more trouble than i ever thought to carry. save me, jesus! 050619
click vestige billows in her
heafty bossom
lust undulates on her
licentious hips
utterances divulge from her
carnivorous lips
vian I wanted him so much. He thrilled me, he scared me, he intrigued me. I only met him once but I won't forget how much lust I felt. 060115
*SuPeR^ChIcK* what a powerful feeling - it a selfcontrol to overcome it 060219
Ptolemy DCLVIII I lust for more Brahms' Piano Concerti. 060219
11441821bce Lust is killing me, along with some other stuff. 060219
Radhi I had never felt it, or at least the culmination of it. And then I did. I almost regeret it now. I like the conclusion, but not the epilouge. Never the epilouge. Lust leads to new places 060427
tiffany a good friend once said about us (him and i--refering to the people we lust over and saturate) that 'it is only right when it it completely wrong'. he's been a good boy since and i've just been following our creed. 060625
gja I never get past it. I dont know how. I just lust after things. 070323
gja Although, and too my credit, I do recognise the possiblity that there is more than this feeling. I just cant get there. Lust gets in the way. Im comfortable with that. Its simple and uncomplicated. 070323
mcdougall i was just reading this on red. it was started on january 28, 2001 070323
(Or so I think) Lust torments me, but it is a strange torment, because faced with its annihilation I would try to defend it, I would try to keep it.

I seek its consumation and fulfillment, not its obliteration, and while some might argue these things to be the same, to me they are endlessly apart.
unhinged tempered with the right amount of self_control and love is the most beautiful thing i have ever experienced. 070323
merrrrr..... lust is a disease you know why ?

because its not love.

simple hay !

but if you love everyone then whats wrong with affection? doesn't have to be sexual necessarily.

possesion causes jealousy..

but if you want to keep a special one then you can

i must stop thinking so much...
time to sleep.
Tormen Ted My yearning for him is no mere lust of the loin, it is a lust of the mind... a spiritual lust, even. 071026
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