Rakeri can be annoying, but also very fun! 030817
niecespieces Are these racing, fighting, destructive things that mimick love.

They compel me to want the most natural, beautiful things. They make me gain hope for things that aren't nessicerily real. They make me want him.
need him?

They make him need me. want me. touch me.
love me... ?
flowerock imbalanced.

if I could I would just flush you out, hormones. I cry over the lost feathers of birds, hoping they can still fly, I cry when I see brindle tails waggimg, is my eos ok? I cry because I will walk
home to a home where you are not(but will be soon enough), I feel sad for no good reason, or at least unreasonably so. I grt angry at strabgers and at kickstands and handle bars. I see the series of negative events and call it a bad day over just a half hour of dissonance. then realize it was for the best, missing the first train meant I got to see the guys dance again, they're good, I told them they could probably make more money performing out in the area I work in, the tourists throw money at anything that moves there.
unhinged good lord 200219
what's it to you?
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