amy a bee in my bonnet 000416
beard hat 030610
phil the light was intense, there was much light, in my eyes. 040406
silentbob calm
the fuck
misstree fierce 040406
somebody intensity_in_ten_cities 040406
Lemon_Soda levels of "now" 040406
hsgatincamail levels of now. i like that. 040701
lifay intense light is the pure message
the most intense purity brings light up to the speed of you now awake

Light Is Fast (At Yahoo!)
hsg1437 sleep deeply. live with greater intensity. 061125
stephshine tone it up 070218
hsg1437 yo no say... what you're saying. 070218
unhinged it changed,
the waves between us
after i read you that poem
( tirelessly )

you tread cautiously
you were just feeling me out
maybe it's your past
maybe it's just the way you operate
smarter than me perhaps
testing the waters before you

the look in your eyes after
the way the tears welled
i want to erase whatever
made you think
you don't deserve poems

i have tried to remain cautious
take a hint from you
run at the same speed
but i can't help it
i don't want to hide how i feel
that never ends well

the next day
when we kissed goodbye
it was different
more intense
more passionate

our foundation is being set
what's it to you?
who go