lufwalnu Yeah, I'm in deep water, really deep, deep water too.

How about we swim together?

Cause when you're standing in deep water
And you're bailing yourself out with a straw
When you're drowning in deep water
And you wake up making love to a wall
Well it's these little times that help to remind
It's nothing without love
Love, love, it's nothing without love
It's nothing without love

Refrain from "Deep Water" (Jewel)

See blathe on deep_water for link to music
Eric Alexander It seem's I have swam so far from shore that now is too late to turn around... So here I am treading water in the dark. 010502
paste! "he doesn't believe in anything, he's a nihilist." 010811
mushroomman Can't you see, swiming in the same deep water as you is hard, you breathe the strangest twist upon you lips, And we shall be together,

the shallow drowned lose less than we

I will kiss you, i will kiss you, i will kiss you forever on nights like this;
i will kiss you, i will kiss you and we shall be together.
Glory Box Swim girl, oceans eleven, anchors aweigh.

I always wanted to be the little mermaid, but I couldn't hold my breath long enough to make sure that Prince Eric was really in love with me.
socialretard into the unimaginable depths....past the ancient statues....into the place where man's creation can not drown me. 021208
megan it's weird how swimming is considered such a recreational activity, such a leisurely paced atmosphere, sometimes even tied in with love and romance. i swim because my heart burns inside of me to get ahead of the next girl by just one second, if no two. i swim because my body is built for it. i swim to save lives. i swim because if someone is drowning, it is my duty and my honor to take them to safety. and i have all this responsibility, and i am only a child. i am sixteen. and i swim because i am well able to do so. 021208
pipedream i swim because i love the freedom of cutting cleanly through the water, rapidly gliding down one lap and up another.
i swim because it feels good to tread water in the deep end, with the water on top warm from the sun and the water at the bottom swirling cool around your legs.
i swim even though i get sunburnt, because i like to see sunlight sparkle on the water.
isn't it great the way your swimsuit turns into a magic jewel colour underwater?
weaving sunlight and just when it seems you've swum to the end of the world another ocean opens 040224
Scott I like to swim, I however, dislike chlorine. The tightning skin burning eyes and itchy sensation just don't do it in for me. If people could just be clean and keep their diseases and bodily functions to themselves we wouldn't need chlorine in the pool! 040504
eb I must shed this skin
and continue my ascent
swimming toward the light
of a new day
light not reflected

will you swim with me
if I hold your hand
will you follow
Talula_Rouge Swim by JLD March 9, 2008

Flow like the rivers of old
stretch forth, frolic, bound and ride the waves
flow small ones revel in your grandeur.
what's it to you?
who go