silentbob sizzling and boiling and bubbling up inside my body
frothing out my mouth
i need you i need you i need you i need you
i can't live without you
i will live eternilly in this moment

and then it passes
and i go back to normal

i hate making eye contact with girls
i meet miss right so many times that i've come to realize she's just a figment of my psyche, something to hope for while i sit immobile in my tired little shell

it lasts for but a second
and then its gone...
bethany at 4 am , at the post office side entrance to penn station. the door was so heavy it took him and i to push it open. we walked down the stairs and were the only two beaming people in NYC. my train wasn't until 11, his left at 8ish. we kissed once and are meeting for new years next year. i can still remember his face.

i look at boys everywhere and think, could it be him?
could it be him?
but i stay stoned faced and watch them pass because i'm not in love, it's just a 'silly phase i'm going through'

eh at least it isn't making a dent in the hood of someone's car.
yummychuckle if its fleeting,
its not love.

i am such a liar.

didnt mean to be.
pensais moment?
'oh you're so cliche' she would lecture.

and in a fleeting feeling of freedom and creativity i thought it was about doing what i wanted to do. what i felt like doing.

alas, i was mistaken.
emo My love in this cold world

Your flimflam
Talk to me, Matt.

Fleshly thoughts reek
of, Sour devotion
wishywashy songs
stale on my early
morning breath.

King's garden
Viled Poisons,
pour into your ear
creep into your mind.
Void. no true meaning.

I don't trust,I don't love,
And I don't believe,
when you say you love me.
You don't even know me.

Go ahead dear,
Open two eyes, wide.
If you did, you
couldn't love someone
like me.

My prose is florid
with hidden hyms;
devoid of attending love

Personal derision weighs
on my chest
I know the dirigueur.
required custom
show no depravity.
to abdicate
the Original Sin (too late).

I try to run my water clear
still murky brown, rust
in old copper pipes
taints hope for us.

I am a derelict of love.
shamed,to be to one untrue
I stand beside you,
but my love is his.
Truely, not with you.
jane i could get off right now 030603
oldephebe nice writing emo 040413
misstree moments flee, upturned tails the mocking white flags of gently startled deer. 040413
jordie a flash in a void
a stripe of luminesence
a band of reddish white
a flutter of haze
a shrill echo
[without the throbbing beat which is the echo]
the sting of a camera.
[amazing how the bite can freeze that which is fleeting]

what fleeting is to me.
a clever disguise Over two years later, I still wake up every morning next to a man who allegedly had nothing more than a fleeting moment of desire to get away from his boring, miserable, perfect life when he saw me.

People will call anything the most terrible thing they can think of, when really, true love (not the cliche crap, but real, persistent, understanding, unconditional love) often finds its way to you in the most unconventional and backwards ways.

How many people really fell in love the pious, perfectly successive way? Sure, the love isn't born out of the ugly parts, but few real loves are devoid of them. Everyone just puts a pretty face on theirs so it looks that way.

Although, to some, two years is fleeting moment. And they're not wrong, either.
Tourist It's all gone now. Ability evaporated. Vision obscured beneath layers of Tedium. No wood carved. No paint Lovingly applied. Even simple sketches now Escape my grasp. What Happened? I am a victim of responsibility. Talent Must be Used or it Will Vanish. 140327
macquaria The feeling of freedom and teenage aliveness I get from listening to the music of those years.
How is it that I feel so boring now?
what's it to you?
who go