Mistress Q An Ode To The Art Of Self Destruction -

"Close your eyes to see what is truely real," my
angel told me.
So I did.
And I saw the most wonderful things you can imagne!

"Listen with closed ears," she told me, "You will
hear only what is good."
So I did.
And the sounds that I heard were always quite pleasing.

"Keep your heart safely locked away as not to have it
broken," she said.
So I did.
And safely locked away in a chastity belt of the soul
it still is..... never to be touched.

"If you follow my advice you will surely be happy as I
have taken the opposite path and look how I ended up."

She was always so sad.

So here i sit in my dream world, hearing only what i
want to, cold and calculated, forgetting how it feels
to love as even my angel has left me.

I am always so sad.
nomme i run through the day
barefoot into the night
the struggle of night

northern sky
horizon of smoke
forest of me
DeathReptile To self-destruct could be considered a quick and pleasant way to escape the endless forest of me.

Or blowing up the outside world and the consciousness I own that screams me every single day I face the looking glass.

Everything is upsidedown and life is HELL.
ferret ummm wait... what was i going to say? 030806
Strideo "let us fly" said the flea
"let us flee" said the fly
and they flew through the flaw in the fleu
what's it to you?
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