jennifer Make believe for hours and hours
you've got me surrendered to powers
that patiently wait to devour

Pass the time prisoner to your fine wine
gracefully you've captured my fallen
faithfully I've come to recall them
breathe you deep as you seep into my
life line

All the pain has gone away
and all the words I love to say
fall so easily to the page
abd slip on the glaze

All the rules are thrown away
from the all the games we love the play
kiss the lips from which we're made
in my masquerade

Make believe for hours and hours
you and me, lovers like fireworks
it's the only light I can see for miles

~jennifer turner
birdmad "after time
the bitter taste
of innocence disintegrates

scattered seeds
buried lies
history's a learned disguise

..circumstance will decide
... sour is the taste of popularity 001013
snaggle Be careful. If you eat too many sour things, your tongue hurts. Lots. And if you have a cold and have to always breathe through your mouth, it could take several days for it to heal.

No me gusta.
Syrope just not sour enough 040919
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