Jaspin Demothenese Our bodies laying next to eachother.
His legs intertwined with mine.
I smell his scent.
I feel his hand caress my thigh.
His breath against my neck sends shivers down my spine.
I press my body against his.
I kiss him soflty and whisper my love to him.
He is my all.
He is my essence.
He is my heart and he is my soul.
We Are Lovers.
shitface i had this bitch once. she said we were lovers. one day i was chewing on her tits and she said "i love you" and i smacked the fuck out of her. i flipped her on her face and ripped my cock into her ass with no lube at all. i fucked her until she cried and she would shut up so i kept beating her until she said she didn't love me and then i let her go. 021205
me "we will not be lovers"
oh no

Mike Scott the Waterboys
hsgatincamail sweating in the warm summer night 040422
ofsuch you and me, potentially 040429
WolfDangler There is always an opposite and an inbetween
The interface is sticky

bodies merge and feelings of merging minds

I hate when I feel I love one of the lovers
benjamin Ooh! Blather! 060330
~lazarys~ only real in that half-light of sparkling words in a book.
i have never loved anything quite like it.
subtle magic, a poetry given life and carried off in a whirlwind to the palace of winds.
alkeme is that a fairy-tale.. like the one you wrote ? 070426
secondbody split 081125
what's it to you?
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