hoodrat what can I say. you have been my best friend for years.

we met in the graphic design program during college. he being fresh out of high school. me, out a few years. i can't remember exactly at what point we started hanging out, or being friends for that matter. i just know that it was that year. we started the thursday night perkins club. 12 midnight, we would all meet at perkins. always after working on letterform. fuck, who didn't need to get out of the house after working on that. imagine hand drawing a five letter word in a particular font (exact line widths). you listened to me, all the stupid things that i got into. you never judged.

we moved, along with jodi, into a sweet three bedroom apartment the following year. i can still remember my mother freaking out. "you'll end up sleeping with her, i know it" i didn't sleep with her, neither did you. it was jodi, how could we (meant with respect).

we got our tattoos together. our birthdays are a day apart. we both are happy drunks. i still remember the night your friends from high school came up for out birthday celebration. i had a thing for both of them, especially melissa. we were all in my room after going out that night and i farted, clearing the room. i think i ruined my chances with either of them that night (if i even had a chance). we laughed so hard, choking on that noxious gas. however did we survive.

we went on a road trip this fall together. just got in the car and drove.

new orleans
ship island
tampa bay
that fucking prairie_dog
tourist ...What a Long Strange Trip It's Been... 010120
nemo i love this name 010901
chaotic_poet confusing boy. Does he know that I love him? Does he know that he plays with me such. He makes me want to cry. He makes me want to run up to north carolina and hold him. He makes me feel so many things that I've never felt before. Does he even know what he does to me? I've never felt this way before. 010915
silentbob the man who posed a threat to the first relationship i was ever in. 010915
lumpy gravy what's you're goddamn problem, anyway? 010916
foolonthehill thinks he thinks more than he does 011105
who i am doesnt matter anymore When I was 14 I'd watch you walk down the halls. You always stood out from everyone. Like in the back of my soul i knew. Now 4 years later your the one i kiss every day, your the one i spend my time with. Your my love. 031017
jimmy was the one friend who i felt at home with during high school. he was the only one i could share the understanding with that all of the shit everyone else was worried about was besides the point. we used to concoct bizarre tramp scenarios, the laughter on the edges of society. he was insanely brave. he'd attempt front flips in a parking lot, try to build radios. he did a lot of drugs. i only wish i had joined him, but i was still stoic then. i was into his style on a conceptual level, but he was a bit purer than me. now he's the type everyone looks down upon. he's not doing anything they'd pretty much say. and of course they all comfort themselves by saying well he never was that smart. i think he was smart, genius even, just at thinking the wrong things. he had one or many of those deflating realizations early on, the type you can't recover from. of all the people i've known, there was a moment there when i thought he was closest to freedom. i almost thought we'd lead each other. now i don't even know what he's up to. i'm sure he settled for what he always has: getting by long enough for stolen moments of escape. 040225
Dr. Scott You ate my nephew! 040226
giff why do i have to miss you so much and be so in love with you? 050201
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