nisus suck
especially when you have no one around to celebrate them with
Jabberwock My birthday was just the other day on Sep 30. I was stuck at school all day because I had practice. Oh well that's life; take the good with the bad. 031001
nonlucid mine today
I'm happy.
doar congats Ms. Nonlucid 040726
Moron doh..."congrats" 040726
anne-girl is seventeen
it feels exactly the same
i wonder why
my name it means nothin are a drag.

I don't want a party (which is good since I'm not having one) , don't want awkwardness of opening presents, don't want a day that is the same as any other just with higher expectations which needn't really get fulfilled.

45 minutes til I'm exactly 17. But I already feel 17. And I would rather be asleep at 1:25 than awake...
when darkness falls remind me of how fast time flies. 070827
what's it to you?
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