typhoid running circles over the keys, fingers lightly press characters from physical to digital. frosted like a scone, served with milk. a room littered with rain machines, half thoughts scratched out on unlined paper and forgotten, trinkets, toys, delightful things for all senses. a sense of unity in the chaos, all things, though separate, are linked together.. not just by photons and the usual forces, but by abstract ideas and interpretations of all the minds that perceive them. pathways in the darkness, collections, networks, opening doors usually locked with keys rarely found (the key is no key, remember?).

things to press, touch, feel, rub. things to eat, taste, lick. things to hear, listen to. things to smell, things that stink in their own individual ways. things to see, observe, watch. things to fiddle, interpret, change.
things that be.
lisa_is_bionic Well, I'm not seventeen
But I've cuts on my knees
silentbob I'm seventeen. Now i can read seventeen magazine and understand all the references. Now i'm old enough to get a car. Now i'm old enough to pay taxes.
She's seventeen too. she was born February 11th of 1983 and i was born october 28th of 1982. she could tell you the exact number of days we are apart, but i flunked math.
forlorad [for lisa]
she's everybody else's girl..maybe one day she'll be her oooowwn. everybody else's girl. maybe day she'll be her own.
rachael so lean and clean at seventeen, my breast ached of the milk that begged to be realeased. My thighs were swollen tightly,, and sweat lurked upon my bones 000705
grendel the onset of my criminal years...

regretting more the things i still haven't done than those i have.
kenric the best year of being young.
the last year of being young.

old enough to feel important in high school.

too young to be held accountable.

ah, the memories.
sweetheart of the song tra bong I will be it in July.

Still waiting for sixteen to run out. I've had enough of it.
eklektic i will be seventeen on january 18, 2003. thats tomorrow.

someone send me a happy birthday email!!
Ladytron They only want you when you're seventeen. When you're 21, you're no fun. 031030
Drzaius seventeen: she shouldn't soon be seduced by a seventy senior who soon will have shat himself. seriously? but i thought age was just a label? Sorry, not when it comes to poopy pants 031031
marked . 031123
REAListic optimIST i found a pair of socks for you, seventeen. they have arrows on the toes, so you will always know where you are going. bon appetit! 031124
REAListic optimIST i hope you don't get into too much trouble, seventeen. just tell them you're only seventeen and you didn't know any better! 031124
seventeen didn't work. I owe $77. shoot me in the head.... 031125
REAListic optimIST i'd rather shoot you in a place that wouldn't defile your considerable beauty... 031125
realistic optimist oft seen teen beam dream queen
makes things seem fun if not serene
has more fans than ben and jerry's has ice cream

seventeen Y C
seventeen year cicadas
seventeen yummy chuckles
seventeen years coming
seventeen yowling cats
seventeen you're cute
seventeen yearns creatively

we love you, seventeen!
Piso Mojado the thought that just came to me: you remind me of my step-sister some times. (it's a good thing) 040614
witchesrequiem sucked...18 was a bit better! 040615
flexible so when do you turn 18? he asked me tonight.

uh hello? i'm not even 17 yet.

oh yeah.

that's april.

so you're really quite young then.

i guess.

but still, you've gotta come out for my 18th.

hell yeah, where you going?

*names small town*

*repeats in scathing tone*?

ok, we'll go into *city* afterwards if you want.

so when do you turn 18?

8 months.


it still seems bizarre to me that people work on age to work out if they'll be served alcohol, or get into the club, or be searched. it's all about the attitude baby, and that philosophy has served me well.
flexible oh and btw seventeen, having done minimal blather stalking of you in the past 10 minutes, you seem cool.

i bestow you with the title 'dude'.

feel special!
sigh If you're seventeen, follow your passions and suck all the pleasure and adventure out of life as you can, because ten years from now nothing will seem a tenth as exciting anymore. 061116
when darkness falls they take a polaroid and let you go,
say they'll let you know,
so come on...
australian highrise soon 061117
just another teen music fan when you're 21, you're no fun 061120
what's it to you?
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