notme i need to change my strings 040325
notme four strings
one day
at a time
Death of a Rose play that funky fiddle white boy. 040326
frontier fiddle 050213
metis fiddle 050214
more metis fiddle 050214
skyburst777 i've basically stopped playing 050603
nom changes changes
turning returning
nom metis fiddle urls are dead now 061222
nom i don't know what i play 070101
flowerock fern
dafremen The studio I'm working with wants to get a fiddle player for Swimming_In_Stone. I'm crossing my fingers, because they're talking about Michael_Cleveland. He's a badass on just about any stringed instrument you can think of, and he's been playing the fiddle since he was 5..professionally since he was 9 or 10. He played the Grand Ol Opry by the age of 13. He currently plays 5 string fiddle, and they say he's a perfectionist.

(Did I mention that he was born blind and lost 80% hearing in one ear as a baby? What an amazing story. What an amazing person.)

The honor is incredible. Like I said, fingers crossed.
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