let us put some strings on! 010515
Casey Go percussion!!!

I have a question if any of you also play this wide variety of instruments...

Are you guys as perverted as my section is?
Phil My instrument is in a box, a box made for that instrument. One side of the box is dented quite bad, the metal band outlining the box is "crunched" and the box itself is being held together by the glued on lining and vinyl covering. The box can be closed, but not with the instrument inside of it. The mouthpiece of the instrument has somehow been fused together with the body, and the valves require a some serious work on them to get them to move properly ever again. I think it needs an overhaul.
I haven't played for some years now. It was more an instrument of pain, for torturing my marching band coach. I think I did learn to play one Irish song quite well, I can't quite remember how it goes but the sheet music is still inside the case. There is also some cork grease, not valve oil, left inside the case as well. I have only used it once and have never lost that one container in all the years I've been playing, although my valve oil would come and go periodically. I tried to play it a while ago, the sound that came out was so dry and split I put it back away to never touch again.
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