Q The two pieces of a once single chain were linked by the weakest link. 000822
lou_la_belle the leaves whisper,
as they fall gently to the ground
where once they roared
and shouted in my ear
from high above on twisting branches.
having now got
thier point across
they lower thier voices
to a delicate chatter.
think of the vast amounts of wisdom
that trees, and well
the earth
has stored away.
which is why i go to it
when my mind is all twisted
and my heart is confused.
they give me advice
from eons ago
without even saying a word.
the earth and the leaves and all the great sky,
know me.
and i know them.
in some strange way it is like we are one entity,
linked for eternity
yet seperated at the smalleset jointure,
allowing me,
to be different.
and yet still so much the same.
what's it to you?
who go