Silent Bob items i devour:

small children
hamburgers with cheese
coke ice cubes
small children
chickens with sloth feet
ouija boards
old cars
i devour sisters
milk bone dog biscuits
peanut butter sandwiches with jelly
ice butter
black milk
people of spanish descent
people of polish descent
people of any descent
people i like
i devour television sets.
i will devour you...if you let me.
guitar_freak damn you eat your homework?
why don't you feed it to your sister?
the spork i actually got in trouble for telling my third grade teacher that my niece ate my homework...

shitty thing was it was true
guitar_freal that sucks!!! My teacher didn't believe my bird ate mine, and it did as well!! 001105
Raina if I could devour the things that make you scared.
the things that make you upset, the things that cause you to experience a feeling of defeat.
If I could take every obstacle that stands in your way and crush it, giving you a pathway to reach your dreams.
If I could eradicate the things that make you ball up in the corner and cry like only a sacred man does...
I would.
I would devour your pain and make it mine, because I love you.

(Yuck, was that NutriSweet or what?)
elana i want to devour you. not just chew you and eat you, but DEVOUR YOU COMPLETELY. 010603
yummychuckle mmm two of my favorite blatherers were holding a mini conversation (one kinda responded to the other. kinda.)
now if only they would notice me.
misstree tip into it with relish,
fervored feeding drawing it all down
to digestion and assimilation,
juicy essences drying on the chin
as processing proceeds to separate
enhancement and waste.
misstree tip = rip. ahem. 031110
what's it to you?
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