kristin@newdream.net Mom's meatloaf. 980819
blind my mom never makes meatloaf. 990120
Chris sounds like fuck 990307
luminescence is mucky 990426
deb }:p
i tried taking my vegetarian pills
again today
and i remembered why i stopped
when i couldn't even keep it down-

what good does it do to make them
taste like cat pills, i wonder?

i just hope the other brand isn't as bad~
i don't wanna be so weak anymore
noillu what i say when he tries to stick his tounge down my throat so much that i choke. 010612
kerry things that are yuck:
snot, beans, prince, pop music, foot grime, odors, octopus boys.
god close our eyes 011222
turbosloth13 but then again muck is also yucky 031217
FrogPunisher Frogs live in yuck and its not surprising that Crazy_Frog crawled out the sludge of some company "imagination team" to peddle fourth-rate ringtones. Why can't people have simple Rrrring!Tones instead of every other fourth-rate, early 1970s synth sound imaginable? Why do we have to put up with Crazy_Frog? Why_crazy_FRog? 050706
the chief of the multicolored monky clan yuck is a word that doesn't explain much. its a word that explains so much that is becomes everything. I can and will name many yuck things. For instance Good Charlotte, Micheal Jackson, guacamole,tuna fish, Simple Plan, President Bush, Condolezza Rice's hair, the Ku Klux Klan(I mean, those bastards couldn't even spell), bologna, Miracle Whip, pugs(the only animals i can't even try to be nice to.), American Idol, the list goes on... 051003
nom yuck is how i feel 061013
nom "i can't even smoke a joint" i said 061215
jio jio 100215
no reason i have six mouth ulcers and a blister and too much acid (which is pretty normal for me) and ugh
what's it to you?
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