ang ...allows us to experience the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, to cook with Julia and discover the mating habits of the Burmese pythons, all the while not having to move our soft rumps one inch in either direction. 980831
dallas is a useful tool for helping people with weak minds feel powerful. 981027
Rainer is a useful tool to keep people with weak minds from rising up and getting a life.

I confess I watch Mad TV and 3rd rock from the sun, though.
kat a lighted box 990405
ceorl opiate of the masses 990423
coldtea someone once said
television is heaven
internet is hell
OTK According to Harlan Ellison (with whom I rarely agree) it is the glass teat: Television does not suck, it is sucked.

According to me (with whom I rarely come to blows over such trivial issues) it has no power, for the cord lieth not in its recepticle, but only along the wall.

According to Television I, so far, do not exist.

I wonder . . .
jared_d Was a pretty damned good band. Too bad they were named after something so vapid and empty. Oh yeah, that's irony. Silly me. 990923
DeadcodE DavE Sex and Violence, a great combination 991117
hahaha Shh! It'll hear you! 000106
old hick If I hadn't spent as much time watching television in my younger years, I would have had enough time to do alot more jacking off. 000211
az last year, i made a big deal out of buying a TV. so now i have a pretty one, but i don't watch it. this column seems to be just as good or better:
SUNNY when i was little i used to believe that i could hide in there, with all the pretty people, now it hides in me....yep, televion, the band, deffinitly was rad 000523
moonshine Kill your TV 000524
typhoid "television, television,
televisionary, television!"
World Entertainment War
gosh, where is that tape, anyway? fat fuck that gave it to me died..
mmm another one of my addictions 010326
blithe I have a vision that a tele, a teletube, a tubeless telly, a tubby telle a tubby telle a third tubby telle will one day make a senator who does not like purple make a fool of himself 010330
delial I'd like a tall, chilled glass of
liquid TV..with two ice cubes.

nonlucid seems to me it has no value other than the economic, shouldn't exist, serves but to brainwash, manipulate, coerce, "entertain" - only semblance of usefulness is such as the 'discovery channel', information which could be easily sought out elsewhere

tells you what you're supposed to need to know, what you're meant to be

they say the average person watches a few hours a day - i can see how that's possible, as i've on occasion spent a couple hours watching, but over a course of a lifetime years are spent

they say we have more free time, we live longer, better quality of life, need to work less, this is a good thing (don't need to work on the farm all day)
yet we know so little what to do with this acquired free time that we invent "boredom" and spend it endlessly searching for entertainment

shows that have only mild stupidity are lauded for intelligence, the rare few
it spawns such brilliance as the 'reality show', reaching ever-greater heights
and its entire purpose is to make money off advertising

and people pay for this crap
PAY! this considered-precious commodity called money to have your time stolen
..... time? that's questionable. sometimes tv distracts from the time. 040628
.... Moderation is key.
This applies to Mcdonald's too.
nonlucid of McDonald's also, the nonexistence would seem better

distracts from the time, makes the wastage faster

or killage... is it better to waste or to kill, and does it make a difference?
z tom verlaine 050418
dessiahs_song depresses me.

boo-yeah it does.
what's it to you?
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