For sure! going downtown on a weekend with a few nickels in hand just to watch the parking meeters violate themselves 001211
Agent008 mud wrestling (usually by hot chicas with optional bikinis) 010118
Atreys throwing dirt clods at stop signs, and chasing pigs on a farm 010705
nanny going into unsuspecting chat rooms, and pretending to be something that you aren't. and i'm not just talking about pretending to be a drop dead supermodle, because we know how many of them there are online. i'm talking something original.

once i went online and pretended to be a man. ok, my screen name was glorygirl and obviously, they thought i was a girl. so my friend and i go into this chat room called "confess your secrets", and we start talking, and i tell her to go along with it. i tell her that i'm sorry for lying that i'm not really a lesbian, but had to pretend to be because i know she's a man hating biotch. and that i'm really a man, but i'm still the same person, and still wanted to be with her.

so obviously no one was paying attention, because shortly afterwards i kept on getting messages saying "what's your secret" so i'd talk to them for a while, and then confess that i was really a man pretending to be a chick.

and then i saved the conversations and put them on my website. it's good reading.

ironicly, i am not a man pretending to be a woman. i am a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. :)
freakizh family gossip. 020519
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