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birdmad is many bad things but not a bad tipper 15 percent is typical, but below ten dollars, there really should be a two-dollar minimum (US, adjust for approximate value where applicable) beween the five to ten dollar mark and one dollar for items between one and $4.99 dollars because tipping less than a dollar for a six dollar order (90 cents at 15 %) is kinda chintzy

for large groups (5-6 or more) or above a certain value threshold, the minimum should go up between twenty to 25 percent

conversion table, rounded up
(in US currency)

in my opinion the followng rates are less in the interest of accuracy than they are in the interest of courtesy to your server

$1 - $4.99 = $1 minimum
$5 - 16.50 = $2 min for "okay service" (above ten dollars go $3 to $5 for good service, and if you can afford it, go as high as you want for excellent service, for really really bad service at any value threshhold, leave a nickel, dime or quarter, so as to convey your displeasure without being branded a total stiff)
$17 = $2.05 (@ 15%), round up to 2.25 min
$18 - $2.40 (round to 2.50 min)
$19 - $2.65 ==/ $2.75 min
$20 - $3.00 min
21 - 3.15 ==/ 3.25min
22 - 3.30 ==/ 3.50
23 - 3.45 ==/ 3.50-3.75
24 - 3.60 ==/ 3.75 - 4.00
25 - 3.75 == same
26 - 3.90 ==/ 4.00 min
27 - 4.05 ==/ 4.25

etc, at the barest minimum add think of it as fifteen cents for every dollar and round up to the next highest quarter for a minimum on the odd numbered (dollar figure and some change) total

honestly though here's a simpler guideline if you're the customer and you are being served respectably

a dollar up for a five dollar or less order,
2 for up to ten dollars,
3 for up to 12 dollars
4 for up to fifteen,
5 for up to 20
6 for up to 25
7 for up to 30
8 for up to 35
10 for up to 55
10-15 for up to 60
15-20 for up to 75 and
20-25 for up to 100

and a minimum of 20-25% for everything above that for a party of one to four, unless the restaurant's guidelines state otherwise, in which case it may be higher
misstree bless you, birdmad.

yes. tip your friggin' waitron. if they do a lousy job, well, chances are they're having a bad day or really busy or the kitchen fucked up your order or any number of things; unless they were genuinely rude, do *not* stiff them. you have no idea what went wrong, and no idea the anger that getting stiffed brings until you've been there.

if they gave you really good service, tip well. each extra buck that you toss down means more to that server than it does to you, unless you're really really broke... and then you can tell the manager they were awesome. heck, tell the server they were awesome, too, it makes 'em smile and helps remind them that customers are real people when they're having a bad day. even the biggest hardasses can't help but be touched when someone compliments them.

and remember to have patience, and be nice; waitressing is the most stressful job i have ever done, it's difficult as hell, and you have to be nice to people all day who rarely return the favor. and there are many, many, many ways of messing with people's food, with as many results. beware the server wrath.
Candy If a server is an ass, if they don't give me the attentin I think I should have, if they don't refill my drink or if they look unclean and have no personality.. chances are, they get no tip. Tough cookies for those of you making 1.25/hour. 040223
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