jade ...the fruit of evil. 980905
Dallas Remember Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? That's that one where they stuck those bugs in their ears and they got controlled by them. Creepy. 980913
Jim The fruit or the seeds? Both? 990813
Brad Yet another example of the superfluous consonants that run rampant throughout our language. 000310
birdmad one of the seven deadly so-called sins 000511
WoNDERGIRL the wrath of wondergirl
does yet strike again

take that
symphonic is sufficient in the lake water,
pound at the nourishment left,
subtilty under my boot,
chains in your eyes.
misstree a backhanded blow that will rattle the mountains, heavy red and thunderous. 041227
emmi do unto others as they do unto you 060803
what's it to you?
who go