typhoid there's a REASON why they call them "stoned" wheat things ;) 000620
Snakeyes i'm stoned u're stoned he is stoned she is stoned we're all stoned there is no end from birth we're stoned till we die 001029
thc in the birdseed the only reason i wasn't more bummed out about the fact that Katrina no-showed the halloween_party

but i was still pretty bummed out
bob "everybody must get stoned" 001029
Barrett I can think of a few who should be.
(take that as you will)
eli whitney
has anybody seen my fingerbowl?
guitar_freak huddled in a corner
not feeling the life around you
you aren't even a part of life
just sit there for hours
bob dylan starts fires they stone you when your trying to be so good...

they stone you just like they said they would...

but i would not feel so all alone, everybody must get stoned!
j dissected my head asstatic 010124
connect The s-tone. and the Tone-d seems like an adventure for the silly hearted to perform acrobatic feats of munchies, at the rim of the toilet bowl. 010211
unhinged so stoned i wanted to come down
too much noise and light around me
just overloaded
it was one of those beautiful highs
that would have been perfect for quiet
but in the middle of a bar
it was hurting me.
the only good result was it obscured the fact of the reality that i saw
into a dream like haze so even though
i know now it was real
part of me can pretend that it's not.
flame of sin i'm floating in a melting world..
my body consuming the heat
sensations are twisted and twirled
in an endless beat

i'm carried by the wind
up higher where ends dont meet
Where reality and dreams fuse
in an endless beat
"kill him kill 'im"
"Are you sure there are no women here?"
(high voices) "no no n."
(deep voices) "no, ahem, no"
loola its a misfortune that he fell into it. but why wouldnt he? 010608
kingen yes very misfortunate 010608
distorted tendencies i think the reason he stopped this stoned shit is because i told him.. he functions much better now. and that makes me happy. 010823
Translucent somtimes I want to just fuck the world and go get high. But the last few highs have heen horrible. I realize that I dont like not being aware. My brain hurts. I fucked over my short-term memory royaly, getting fucking BLAZED every single day. I also fucked over my grades, I would get high at lunch and be useless throughout all of my next classes. But I miss the smell and taste sometimes. So, a few weeks ago, I caved and got high. It was horrid. Never again. I didnt want to move, I wanted munchies but I didnt want to eat, I had to walk more than a mile, (really hard to accomplish while high), I had to... well, I dont exactly remember. And that is another thing, all I remember is... resin ball, 2 bowls. Oh and eeww! Yoder offered to give me head. That was really gross. So, I vow from now on, unless something really bad happens, (I almost did yesterday while wandering about wallowing in misery) No More Weed For Me. I promise. 010823
i would not feel so all alone bob_dylan 010824
Norm This is pretty easy. But I see why it's illegal. I see alot of things right now. Good thing I've got my drink. 010826
Madame Justine When I'm stoned I'm more aware than ever. I like that.
I like the way I can't let a conversation go. I like the way everything gets taken too far.
I like the way I come up with profound theories.
tangledupinblue The Therories are nice, and so are the talks of moving to Jamacai...and so is sitting by a pond in 60 degree weather in the middle of nature with you bud at your side, your cigarette in hand, watching the ducks, and talking about the good times your having and going to be having come summer... so is rolling in the leaves at school while everyone watches you including your soon to be boyfreind whos jealouse hes missing out... I wouldnt give back my stoner experiences for anything... but sometimes I wish I could...quit... "they stone you when your trying to be good" ...shit doesnt that sucks... 011104
good people ahh, poopies. im a fuckin liar. im not as much of a stoner as i was then, but i still smoke on the weekends. fuck, on spring break, me and the crew bought a quarter a day for about 5 days. smoked it all, too. im cuttin back, though. im getting tired of it. i have come to the conclusion that my marijuanna craving comes in cycles. i love it for a while, i dont like it for a while, i hate it for a while, i live it for a while. hmmm... it seems the more i smoke the more i love it... maybe i should save my money and buy some more... we will see.

i will probably be at least a casual user for many years to come. that is semi-depressing, but not too much so. being a stoner isnt really a bad thing. people accept you, and they will smoke with you. puff puff pass.
*cof cof*
lizard To be artificially happy for an hour is worth a world of time living a life that I hate. 020409
thea i want to be stoned. i mean maybe not right now, but in a few years to try it. i'd only get stoned with someone i really trusted though. i'd get stoned with missy and jackie, probably juliet and maro. i dunno about karolina. definitely not ali, because she'd imitate me later. and i think if i ever get stoned with someone that's how i'll know they're my real friend. 020821
~gez~ PROD THE STONER 020912
SuicidalAngel Lizard an hour? You can make it last longer than that! It seems when most people start they're all hyper and giggly and fake. It's just what you do. But when you're an actual stoner it's more of a way of life. Basically it's a stress reliever. I know people that smoke it instead of taking prescription medicine because it has less side effects. 020912
youinquired youwonderwhoisgettingstonedwhereatthisveryinstantintimeandtheytellyouthatyoushoulwatchyourbackforthreefoldmonstersofingenuitythatwillcrawlintoyourspineandmakeyoufuckyourselfoveronlytellingyouthatitsalrightcauseyouhaveareasontobefuckedonlyyoudontknowwhatitisandifyouonlyknewyouwouldbeintoecstasyrightnow. 020912
BluSmurF "A friend with weed is a friend indeed!!!"

p2 "a friend in need
is a friend indeed
a friend with weed
is better

a friend with breasts
and all the rest
a friend who's dressed
in leather"

- Placebo (Pure Morning)
Bizzar I am stoned right now, so everything I write I have to read like 3 times over to make sure it makes sense.
OK that doesnt sound too bad.

I get insperational when I get high, but I lose the ability to form it into words.
Bizzar I wish I were right now.

Then maybe his absence wouldnt bother me as much.
crimson They used to stone people to death.
With huge rocks.

Once the floor turned to puzzle pieces and everyone was green and orange. I was stoned.
Not with huge rocks.
unhinged i haven't been truly in so long. and while i miss it occasionally especially when i'm sitting in my apartment bored out of my mind, i don't miss it as much as i thought i would. i guess that means that i didn't need to be doing it as much as i was now did i?

yeah, but it would be nice every now and again to smell some really good green.
misstree inspiration at times,
lazines at others,
to each his own
but, my children,
be careful
for it is dangerous
to one's motivation
and health
and mentally addictive.

be careful,
for jah loves you
and wants you to be happy.
yoou know who I am.. : - ( I haven't been ^ for months. 030810
zoe the only state where i can hack the world. all i want to say is thank you to all those who got me into smoking pot because its helped me not be bothered about many potentially harmful situations i've been in in my life. school work? fuck that. depression? not likely. social situations? soooooooooo much easier when you can skin up and be all like- who wants to smoke? everyone's your friend instantly. potheads are the most cheery demographic in the world and i know if you're looking at this you're probably a part of it so... thank you, all my pretty children. 040211
white_wave i've never blathered stoned, but I want to really badly. i don't have easy access to pot, because i don't need to be tempted to waste my life away. 040221
wopkins i look stoned and lots of people say i look stoned cause i look stoned but im really not but i really look like i am so i have come to the conclusion that i am naturally stoned like it is in my blood - which you cannot get even though it is the most potent stoning device known to all of mankind (meaning just me) so hands off you cannot get any even if you ask nicely like this one guy did but i just stonedly laughed in his face and told him that i liked my blood where it is thankyou and not even vampires can get it because i am too stoned to catch and if they did get any they would be mesmerized by the sun and die because the sun vaporizes them sortof like water in the wizard of oz with the witch fo shizzle my wizzle is not what the witch said (witch, not which or wich or sandwich) when she got melteding by the bucket of water from the monkeys that fly through the night sky like bats from a cave looking for bugs in the huge flocks but not flocks because flocks are groups of birds like sparrows that travel by the hundreds in large flocks which reminds me how many school assignments i have done this year and how many i have left which is how many chocolate cakes i would like baked for me and how much money i would like to have in millions of dollars so i could buy a mercedes clk-gtr and a mclaren and an enzo ferrari and some other sweet cars for my mansion and huge parking garage that is bigger than bill gates house in seattle washington that cost 97 million dollars but i would have 100 million dollars which is more than the house cost and more than there are simpsons episodes like the one i am watching now about the woman who tries to get rid of all the children in springfield but nobody knows where springfield cause the state abbreviation is NT and that state doesnt exist and i know this because there is an old episode with a map that shows springfield in the state NT which is nowhere near north habenbrock and ogdenville which were both destroyed by monorails which also almost destroyed springfield but homer was able to save the train by using an anchor which shows that they should have used the money to repair main street which is very cracked and potholed and speaking of pot i look stoned so they call me stoner but i am actually not stoned so hah 040307
erin not nessesarily stoned but beautiful 040824
unhinged i wish

a new pipe
and nothing to christen it with
The Blackest of The Black Sheep I love getting stoned. It's just a wonderful way to escape your problems without losing your self-control and without having to lift your cheek off a dried pile of vomit on the sidewalk trying to account for a huge black gap from the night before. Stoner's of the world; rejoyce, kick back, and blaze that shit.....and eat some munchables. 040829
tricky the people you smoke with aren't necessarily your friends. 040902
:) Stone NO Evil?


acidshank i havent ever really been stoned for blather either. i want to badly tho.
i do it like everyday. sooo permafired. my favourite way of getting high is with him. and my pipe. which by the way, i scraped and it changed back to its old clear colour and i was mad. but its goin back to purple. its goin its goin.
now that i smoke pot i can make up the best shit, and like im so more creative and artistically expressive. it had opened my braaaaiiin.
fainted All those who wish : that they could blather stoned. I have no idea if you will be
able to see
but nothing matters; I won't remember
typed words in unruled order
What was my point?
Point fingers.

Oh! By the way, I discovered Blather stoned. Actualy,
its like
right now!
Reading it, and all the words
requires concentration....

(took 4 minutes to write. Evaluate me!!)


iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl when you're stoned baby,
take me home.

-Dido - "Stoned"
STONED I can't feel my fingers 050510
fdsfsadf asdgsdagfd 050515
ldsj;lasdf omg im soooo high 050519
dailyFix see stoner 061012
endless desire and this is just the beginning. 061012
no reason i don't know if this ever happens to sober people but i just got some rice cake down my bra
which i thought was kind of wholesome except not and funny

i called you earlier but it was too late to call you later
i don't know but everything is fuzzy
what's it to you?
who go