lydia i shall refer to her as lizard here, but not beause of the the small lizard tatoo that she discovered on her inner thigh. love, banana (yoshimoto) 010312
little ol me my friend's name is lizard. she wants an am radio for her car. she got new sweatpants and almost ate a bug! 011008
morningstars too dangerous to keep
too evil to let go
you were the apple of my eye
but that was long ago
- go now
you've been set free,
another month or so
you'll be poisoning me
(life is wild)
i see you slither away
with your skin and your tail
you flicker your tongue
and you rattle your scales
like a real

-The Church - from "starfish"
moUrningstars 011009
kathryn "I am the Lizard King
I can do anything
I can make the earth stop in it's tracks
I made the blue cars go away.

For seven years I dwelt
in the loose palace of exile,
Playing strange games with the girls of the island.

Now I have come again
To the land of the fair, & the strong, & the wise.

Brothers & sisters of the pale forest
O Children of Night
Who among you will run with the hunt?

Now Night arrives with her purple legion.
Retire now to your tents and your dreams.
Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth.
I want to be ready.
CheapVodka This is a true story:

One Tuesday night I had off from work. I was out in my car on my way to pick up my friends. I went by BGK's and then to Mikes and last I went to Joey's to get my stepbro and Skitz. We were bored and it was about 11:30. It's been so dry in the area...we couldn't find pot anywhere. We were bored out of our minds and had 45 dollars in cash. So we decided on Bourbon St. for some pot. Now you're all prolly wondering what this has to do with lizard...just wait. We drove out there and about 15 mins from leaving we found ourselves stealing a parking place in a lot where the guard was on break. We got out and started toward Bourbon. When we got there we couldn't find anyone that could get us pot and I know I was starting to tweek. So after finding no one on Bourbon and drinking a little I had developed a slight buzz and an aggravation for no pot. Then I had this idea... The Gutter Punkz! The always have what I need. So I started toward Jackson Square where you can always find a Gutter Punk. We were standing there looking around then out of the shadows comes a short guy with read hair, a million tattoos and eyebrow peircings. I looked at him and immediately he knew what we wanted. As he walked toward us I started to say. But right away he sayz, "What do you need, weed?" Yes! exactly!...I love Gutter Punks. We walked toward the Riverwalk and he talked to us about moving from Florida. His name was Bitter. We came up on the river and started walking toward the French Market end when Bitter turned around and told us to sit on the bench and keep looking the opposite direction of the way he was gonna walk. So we did. He walked way the fuck down and started talking to a guy with the prettiest green hair. They started walking back so we all quickly diverted our sight to the ground. Bitter returned with a tall guy, rather lanky too. He had green hair and black nail polish on his finger nails and a billion peircings. He held out his hand and said, "Hello Hello, I am the great and wonderful Lizard of Oz. How can I be of service to y'all?" I smiled and handed him the 40 dollars. He smiled back and handed me what looked about a 30 bag. He had skimped us yes, but you just can't call Gutter Punks on that because that's what they do. They skimp you first next time they don't. So we talked and walked toward where we had parked. Lizard stuck out his tounge and showed me how he had gotten it split. It was rather interesting. So we shook hands and thanked Lizard and Bitter and started to leave. Lizard handed us a card and told us if we needed anything else to go to 711 on Bourbon and ask for Aaron. It was a start a beautiful friendship. On the way home we smoked the entire 30 and I've never been so blowed off of pot alone. Thanks Lizard
mahayana .oOleapingoOo.lizardzzzzzzz

[leap over a fence] [a liz leaps out of the ardzzzz] [leaped at the chance]
jimisen Mama was a lizard. Daddy was a lizard, too.
Mama was a lizard. Daddy was a lizard, too.
Come her baby. Show you what a lizard can do.
jimisen Come 'here' baby. Show you what a typo can do. 030827
olive lizards are reptiles 081126
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 110228
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