u24 one who uses things.. all things, any things.. most things. yes. one who uses things :) 031220
whitechocolatewalrus can a user also be one who uses nothing? thereby being a user of nothing. 031220
zeke nothingness user: a self negating assertion as sublime as any true tautology

I love this
u24 can a user also be one who uses nothing.

a user of no thing. a no thing user. yes, I can't see why not. but, on the other hand, that would render the word user totally useless. in fact, it is useless anyway, as the use that the user is using must be implied elsewhere - a user of what? yes. milk.
whitechocolatewalrus haha, my brain hurts. yes, i am a user of my brain. 031227
pSyche You're a user.
An abuser.
Stumbling over your words like you have a halfway decent excuse, and we all find it pathetic. You've had your time. You've had close to no responsibilities. And you look at us, empty handed, as we turn our heads away. Why should we recognize you, when we have given you so many many chances? Why should we put ourselves out to be hurt, when we gave you the time to learn?
When we brought you in, we thought it meant something to you. We thought you were eager to learn.
Maybe you'd have been better on the streets....
a what if he is the one being used 200204
what's it to you?
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