truelikewoa sal, sat silently singing serene stumbled sleep songs 020211
Toxic_Kisses Stubbing over words az I try to sputter them out as soon az they whirl though my mind 020516
Toxic_Kisses o0ops I read this az - Stubbing -

can we say typo?

come on say it w/ me boys and girls!
screwing for virginity typo 021008
syd stumbling fumbling rumbling 021008
Clarey What is it when you see the one who has guided you through the darkest of forests stumbling & falling? You reach out to help, but still are too weak to help. You know there is nothing to be helped. It's sadness & you're so close you can feel it moving & taking them over. nothing you can do, nor they. Just wait until it eats itself up & you are both mere shells of whatever it was you used to be xx 031220
r1y9a6n4 walking in your footsteps 031220
Syrope i hate, more than anything, that you shared with your "friends" what i shared with you
you probably didn't even tell them you got it from me.
which is better, in one respect, because i don't want them to know me, or think about me, or pretend that they have any right to speak my name.
but in another respect, SO LIKE YOU.

i updated my stumble profile and HE was there. i felt so sick. things i loved, things i shared with you [[because i would do anything for you]]


and degraded

by the useless people you shared them with.

i guess i'll learn
what's it to you?
who go