xopl but is definitely really definite? 991212
flooma the toaster of course it might not be, i don't think, but then again, what the fuck? 010727
Keemeers This is one word I definately never spell right. 011025
birdmad maybe 011025
Photophobe Its a weird word. Realted to finite?

Is it to say : there are a finite number of ways to categorise this, so I can emiminate the wrong ones, to be sure that it is a certainn one.

As opposed to indefinitely?
TalviFatin *laughs* Spelt wrong, but...

"like, totally, for sure!"
852456 Spelt is "spelt" wrongly. 020304
tgrey who defines definite? 020606
morphine. there is definitely a way beyond this
i thought i got there thought i moved

i thought wrong apparently,
if i ended up here. such a shame, i kinda think,
cuz i was beginning to forget that i was far
from the people
far from the roaring
theres just so much of it
and i dont know how to cope

kfhsn? NO.
morphine. and see,
i just dont know how to make any sense

maybe its a little sense, but my thoughts are so cyclical that they end up sounding either recycled or ridiculously mundane.

hoopla, hoopla.
p2 "definitely have to dance on my date.
have to learn how to dance.
- raymond babbitt (rain man)
User24 infinitely

odd words, all of which are almost the same.
shadow adverb. without a second thought, or without a doubt. *aka: fo shizzle* 030613
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