egolove Hate hand open, swinging, searing reality affronts shameless denial falling proud wanting not for scrutiny or apology.Fleeting light decays cold now dark, sad worth un-tendered. Hands turn up nothing open grasp certainty flounders on regret’s cold sea.In a pallor of death and sadness, strong medicine burns where sickness runs deep. 010304
egolove shut up and take it, you sissy 010612
marjorie once on little house on the prairie
they were trying to raise money to buy the minister a new bible
and laura and mary sold these medicines
hehe. and they dressed up like poor little children
and tried to solicit customers whilst covered in dirt
and.... they lost the money that had been entrusted to them.
they had to tell the minister
and he was oooh so thankful for his new bible case (the medicine box)
uhm.. yeah. heh
distorted tendencies Asclepius, Greek God of Medicine. 020313
imaskitzo made to heal 040323
XMalice keeps me calm, but not calm enough. it's like theirs a breaking point where it just stops working and the pressure is on me just as hard. there's nothing more horrible than having depend on a pill to keep you from fucking losing it. 060801
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