fender small mouth bass a blather staple since the 1200's_so_unproven
phil today 020729
neverender where do they go in the wintertime? 020822
amy the ducks swam down from the Flood
yellow ducks, white ducks
the water forced by a distant gravity,
far from their control-- if they
ever were to gauge water, they
couldn't now.

and it wouldn't have been a UFO
causing ducks to rush with the flow,
from behind their wagging tails
they are coerced, and not unhappily.
the powers are more manipulative-
they carry, direct, tell
and ducks are glad to go.

Quacking tones fall as they woosh by
Quickly on their way to a new world
We watch them careen downstream
never to be fed our pieces of bread
--yellow feathers, white feathers--
We think, maybe next time, we'll build the boat.
tonya were made for valet parking

(just don't hit yourself in the head with one)
p2 so can i assume
in the southern hemisphere
the saying goes,
"fly north for the winter"?
Keith big duck..... 030606
beautys beast holden caulfield would be proud of us, talking of ducks so seriously. 030821
Whitechocolatewalrus Yeah, but he wouldn't approve of how many times we have used the word fuck. 031111
misstree m r dux
m r not dux!
o s a r! c d e d b d wings?
l i b! m r dux!
god my duck is spinning. nice duck. doesn't say much, though. 040917
ofsuch rip
heckle and jekyll
calios infest my grandmother's house,
some big, some small, some on the wall,
some are flying, some are going nowhere at all, never in solitude, in threes they stand tall, the ones in the kitchen are my favourite for sure, rip off a head, and extract cookies for all, it is ok, for his two friends contain more. decapitation's bad karma, it invokes the thrice law, but most definitely worth it, of that i am sure, because when grandmother bakes, she is seriously hardcore.

$set nostalgic_seuss = off
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god ducks full of peanut butter cookies fuckin' rawk ass. 041006
Jen I went on holiday once and there were ducks under my sunbed. It was slightly unnerving. 041006
flowerbed on a cloud My brother and I ^^ 061114
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