Tess i climb.
climb a tree, and watch the sunset
i climb across these words
on screen

you climb
and i watch
to see what you'll
god i climb a ladder.
i'm two years old.
fanta I climb four flights of stairs every day. 010622
baby satan i climb into hell.
the insurmountable abyss of nothing.
this is where i survey all.
people. agriculture. other stuff.
i like it here.
i think i'll stay here.
i am a voyeur.
paste! i climb midgets, but only when they're meditating.
i also climb the silver solid mystery of your progression as an elephant. you are a developing elephant whether you know it or not. simon says "pull my finger"!
Casey Yesterday I climbed a swingset at my churches playground. I fell off. My chest landed on one of the swings and I broke it. The fall took the wind out of me and I am scraped up pretty badly.

But like a good boy and fixed the swing and climbed back up. Then I fell in the exact same spot and broke the swing again. Well this time i just said screw it and i left with my little brother.
hsg1437 * until you reach the point * 061008
what's it to you?
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