jim I wish to exploit the dominance of my existance in the realm of the unknown. 010807
OuT buddy:
black-dyed gel product My boss, Simon, brought his big ass black dog to work on Monday. This thing was fucking huge and vicious(and it was NOT wearing dog boots); it was the kind of dog that could easily bite one's hand off. It scared the shit out of the UPS guy. He dropped off the packages and bolted out of the shop. It was incredibly funny. 010808
adam Jews by me from stolen dog a is. 010809
girl is a big fat beagle that snores 010809
BiZzY my prince,
we sit in a castle and no one can get close.
i like it that way
Lucy you know my name is simon

I like to make drawrings !!! come and make drawrings with me !!!
what's it to you?
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