typhoid thinking about what is frozen
and where
and what memories still exist down there.
or if it's all forgotten.
pickletree There is a swing with rusty chains looking through my window 010427
nix0r a few days past i laid on a swing. i read poetry.

the warm breeze of summer, and the cool shade of spring, and the softness and the sway lulled me to sleep.
girl_jane Always a fun thing to do. As I get older, though, my stomach gets weaker and weaker... 020929
.-. a little more... 020929
sisyphus i used to know a girl in black who would swing with me day and night and even in fluorescent hallways

we grew viciously apart and now i dance with a girl in white and the odd boy in gray
Isaou A swing dress?
I will try my best to look good for you, to make you proud of me when I finally meet your friends.
I am nervous, but also excited because the little girl inside of mr cannot wait to find a
Swing dress.
In_Bloom Hanging naked in the moonlight out a window
Which was greater
The excitement or fear of falling?

I don't recall ever considering to fall
what's it to you?
who go