* One time I asked a psychic about a dude named Matt and where our future was going.

She said, "Forget about this Matt guy, there will be another in your life, sometime around Christmas. I'm seeing a 'Peter'"

Well, Christmas came and went. No significant other and no Peter. Woof.

Another year and another Christmas later, I was with Andrew.

Guess what his middle name is?
silentbob maybe my friend peter can tell me what to do 010910
kerry my brother's name 011224
sweetheart of the song tra bong Can't believe we don't have more Peters.

My most recent Peter is in my English class, quiet boy with Rivers glasses (see: weezer) and brown hair and long white fingers that split the air when he talks. Plays the violin. Gorgeous to look at in this geeky shy smart boy way.

He read his huge end-of-term paper in class today about his grandfather dying and the girl who broke his heart in two - the other blonde girl from North Carolina. And I wonder if I remind him of her, and if that's why.

One of those kids that make you want to fix his broken heart, and everyone else's, because you could be their savior.

(he needs a guardian).

Come here. I can always try.
silentbob i'd much rather be drinking anyway with my friend peter whose so fucking far away. but not as far as you even though you live right down my fucking street. 020313
bryanfrbs And I'm tired of sleeping with myself
I'm tired, all these drinks and drugs no longer help
I'm tired of lying about not thinking of you
Maybe my friend Peter can tell me what to do
eklektic could that be dave on the flyer, kate? because, as i was told this afternoon by dave jenney, the concert is at dave's house... 020911
Lady Rhiannon I'm so tired of lying to myself
I keep opening the window, during spring cleaning. But he won't come back. Sometimes I wonder if he did grow up, eventually. I wonder if he found another Wendy, in another place, and learned to love her as he had the first.

I always wanted to be wendy, when I was younger. I wanted to be the one that Peter remembered. But, now that I'm a grown-up myself (sometimes) I realize that I don't want to be Wendy. For she loved Peter too. And she gave up his love for someone else. For someone called 'Husband' to stand in Peter's place.

Could I give up my Peter, whoever he will be, for another? For him to be happy in his Neverland? Could I give him up so easily, if I knew that I had found him?

I don't think I could. I couldn't be Wendy. I would have not loved my Peter enough to let him go.

But maybe I can learn...
my name it means nothing hey there's a boy in my life. 110317
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