purple tzar Feed them!
Feed them before their vengeance explodes!
Oh, wrathful ones, please remember the tributes we have erected in your honor and spare these tiny turtles!
typhoid hey,
gods have feelings too!
amy strangely original creatures

(lower g)
whirligirl Code of Me:

only gods are allowed to be full of themselves,
and only very rarely am i allowed to truly be a god.
the apocalypse "feed the gods" is a often looked-over gem of a song by rob zombie. it can be found on the airheads soundtrack, which is also often ignored. great stuff. 001229
sabbie but oh!
it is so true!

i have seen them in breaks in the clouds.

the gods are laughing, laughing fit to die,
and they are laughing
at us.
sykoze you are not my god(s) 010902
clockwork what you know the meaning of a gods r us? 031124
pete i hope you heard my words while i walked because the snow forbid me to bike. i meant them.. in some senses they were prayers, in others they were despair. and love. mostly love. 070202
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