thenestor sucks. 990106
thenestor Um... I wasn't trying to say that thenestor sucks, by the way, I meant that AOL sucks. It just looks like thenestor sucks. I guess that's what I deserve for trying to take on the world's largest online service. 990106
k i really hate aol. for some odd reason, i've been using it for about six or so years. something like that. oh well. i met some cool people on it. but otherwise. AIM users get much more features than AOL users do for IMs. that's confusing. considering AIM is free and AOL is not. eh. stupid aol. 990128
Emma TS Aholes on line.
Alright on lemons
any one lemming
an obese lunatic
any questions?
Jeff @ Newdream the death of the internet. aol - are you happy? 990528
leslie when I was doing customer service, most of the people who couldn't spell their own email address correctly came from AOL. oh well, guess everyone's got to start somewhere... 990528
daxle I reject you wholeheartedly now, as I have since I understood your evils. And yet, I have to acknowledge that you were part of that fateful night. 990730
daxle I reject you wholeheartedly now, as I have since I first understood your evils. And yet, I have to acknowledge that you were part of that fateful night. 990730
daxle um, of course I didn't do that on purpose
I was just trying to illustrate the kind of dumb things people who use aol do
daxle ah, fuck me! freudian slips! 990730
jessica AO HELL 990921
Caren It was my first link to the internet. But I won't let it be my last. Of course, somewhere in there I had wisened up and told Steve Case he was full of shit. You know how it goes. 991001
retrograde You've Got Mail.
Which ofcourse is not an anagram, but a mere word association excercise, because ofcourse that would be YGM, not AOL.
tourist Guess I might as well 'fess up, I am an AOL user, but all I ever do there is log on here. The idea of personal computing is really beyond most of us old farts anyway, so for me this is a way to access the brave new world.
In truth my wife and I were going to a broadband connection, but the cable company here was so screwed up we could never get them out to connect us. It seems that when we bought out my partner and aquired the house, He returned the cable box and canceled his cable service. When we subscribed, they re-connected in some bonus offer giving us free HBO/Cinemax for a month.When we started to be charged we told them no way, shut it off, and for some reason they never did (oh well, free movies and the sopranos) Later when we wanted to connect with a cable modem we were told that we couldn't until the HBO/Cinemax matter was resolved, but that was another department. We gave up and just stayed with AOL. I don't know who the access provider is here at work, but it doesn't really matter to me as long as I can find my way here.
They tend to disconnect without warning periodicaly which is annoying,but they have answered questions for me without calling me an idiot. (at least not to my face) And the one other time we tried another service (peoplePC) we didn't find them any better, so we uninstalled them, only to find that they would pop up to seize control from time to time when surfing the web. I obviously did something wrong when trying to dump them , but I'm too stupid to know what.
Just another dumb ass AOL user.
birdmad the aol time warner merger is a go.

the dystopian future of media empires is upon us.

what willbe the first victim of the will of the corporate juggernaut, i wonder?
stupidpunkgirl we just got aol, and i hate it. does anyone know if i can get my old screen names back from aim? this sucks. 010112
cowed aol user now you can..... it's one of those dumb add things they have... I can't remember how you do it tho.... try going to sorry, not very much help, but u can try it anyway. 010112
mmm stupidest isp around.... why pay for such a gay service, why wouldn't you just use a free service like netzero? 010326
florescent light I'm on aol
and this person
IM's me
and it turns out that we live in the same town
we're both getting
psyched about it,
and we discover
that we both went to the same hs
I was only at that school for one year
so we never met
but he's asking me about who I remember
and I said, I can't remember much, except this super preppy guy named Joe.
who I hated, cause he was soooo preppy - it drove me mad.

And then suddenly ( and I can't believe this) I get another IM from another guy- and he's saying how he lives in West Hempstead, and I'm saying, wow, me too.
and we're both getting psyched about it.
and it turns out that we went to the same hs together, too -
and I said, what is your name?
and he says "Joe Laws"
and I can't believe it - he was that super preppy Joe guy.

this is too weird.
BewareOfPenguin AOL just signed a merger agreement with the deity you hold holy that will lead to the eventual acquisition of your soul. You've got mail, slave! 010624
black-dyed gel product that was a stupid comment. go cry in the corner. 010624
: ) screenNames? 011031
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