Dafremen As I look out at the people gathered here today, I see past you to the size of the park around us, and I realize that the earth under our feet could open up and swallow this whole crowd in less than a second, and I am humbled.

I look past this park to the city, past the city to the state, to the country, to the planet until I see it all, not perched out in space like a god, but right here as a human, and I am humbled.

I look past the planet to the solar system, at our Sun, whose light and energy give us all we have, feeds and clothes us, and I am grateful for that warmth and humbled by its immense power. I look and realize that it could reach out, with or without purpose, and incinerate the planet with one long fiery tendril of it's mighty fusion reactor and I am humbled. I realize that it's strength holds objects 10 billion miles away or more in its grip and I am humbled. The little miscroscopic hair of a man is humbled, then looks on to something even greater.

Past the solar system to the galaxy, with its swirling arms and discs of gas and dust, I still stand here with you in this moment, but I am seeing what is there and everything between here and there and I am HUMBLED. Humbled by the enormity of that which is around me, by the fortunate circumstances which led to my creation and allow for my continued existence. OH how I am humbled as I watch the black hole slowly pull in the galaxy, as I watch the sum of all begin the process that brings on the end, and sets the stage for the next beginning. I am humbled, looking out past all that is around me, and on my return I am humbled even further. I am humbled by the opportunity to be be able to speak with you today, to see your faces, feel the tension in the air and the chill on the breeze. I am humbled to be able to smell the sea in the air, taste its salt on my tongue. I am humbled by the fact that we're still here, with so much conspiring against us we are here. We are the 3,000 year old bottle, the 6,000 year old scroll, we are the serendipity and the treasure of our times, if we would play our part. If we would join the show. If we would be grateful. If we would be amazed. If we just could bring ourselves to be humbled for one short lifetime, by the glory of it all. The ease with which we can have happiness astounds me. The ease with which we could have it all by letting it go amazes me. It humbles me.
kelli crane back in 86 man i was seeing a shink
but now i'm humbled
and all i think about
is New Orleans and that jumbo shrimp
Q I am honored that you are humbled by my interest in your updating and my helping you update your beautiful site with more of your magnificent poetry and pictures

But I demur to your being so humbled.

You cetainly should never be humbled about any interest of mine. If anyone should be humbled, it is I by your willingness to take your brilliance to another level in response to the pleas of a plain guy like me.
somebody I am humbled. 081126
dafremen So am I. What a beautiful day! What a beautiful life! 081126
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