andrea my fears do not seem to go away
no matter how much i try to
gulp them down & force them
back into my stomach
they attach onto the butterflies' wings
& float back up into my throat
i could speak them & release them
but i know no one will understand

copyright 2000
yam to fit you in my mouth is easy
to fit you in my mouth is fun
to fit you in my mouth is the best part
to swallow is not easy
to swallow is not fun
to swallow is not the best part
bad head h8r be somebody, swallow for heaven's sake. if not, all you will ever do is suck.

and that sux.
SomeoneElse Is something you wanted me to do. But now my lips are closed to speech and never will I ... you. 000410
girl easy clean up
no mess
no different from that stuff people cough up when they have a chest cold
doesnt hurt anyone
a delightful bitter flavor
any discomfort from the act is easily cured with a Coke and a cigarette
looks good
people find rare when someone actually enjoys it
its quick

i like it
michael take in everything
before thinking
keep taking
over and over
never thinking
it hurts
thank god we can
Barrett I'm a freak, punkass sissy.
I'm a freeek, punkass sissy.
Brad A type of bird. Come on people, get ya minds out tha gutter. 000726
el chorizon when most of you were barely toddlers

it made news all summer

that in a number of Florida neighbourhoods

the earth opened up and did just that.


quite a sight to see a crater appear in some well-manicured suburbia

but damn
what good is a crater in suburbia without a meteor to help it along

"aaah the atmosphere"

(damn that shit makes me laugh)
Barrett "At what speed, does a African swallow..." 000912
Grendel vs the holyhandgrenade of antioch BRIDGEKEEPER: "What is your name?"

ARTHUR: "I am Arthur, son of Uther and King of the Britons"

BRIDGEKEEPER: "What is your quest?"

ARTHUR: "I seek the Holy Grail"

BRIDGEKEEPER: "what is the average air speed of a swallow?"

ARTHUR: "African or European?"

BRIDGEKEEPER: "I don't know...AAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" {is flung from the bridge}
moonshine How Am I to swallow all of this? To groom myself from the emotion. Watching you self destruct between a rock and a hard spot. You held my hand,cradled your face. Show me the colors. I asked for... Watching the moon undercover. Convincing you its guilt free. Run with me. You say I'm paranoid, that I ve done way to much. Maybe I have, its over, its over, but you won't let me forget. Your waiting, before I slip. 000913
startfires it IS the best part. besides the noises coming from the person above you and the pained look on their face. i think it's fun. they don't expect it. 001003
datura how do you know so much about swallows?
you have to know these things when you're king.
datura ni! 001202
Rhin Mmmmmmmmmmmm!
Oh my god! It's like a reward at the end. I love to see your face, that shocked look, when you begin to explode, and you wonder if it's going to back up inside of you, because it's smashed against the back of my throat.
Shotgun baby! However, sometimes I like to savor it on my tongue, before swallowing...
sausage christ! you can do all that! 001202
Barrett Sausage my man, you don't know!
(then again, neither do I)
Rhin (Rhin smiles)
It's an acquired taste, besides...my personal motto is: A job worth doing, is worth doing well! It's really just skill. I was able to conquer my gag reflex, into non-existence...
sausage o my god 001202
ck1 tastes like "Cream" of chicken noodle soup

(extra salty)
aqua velva . 001202
kuunta-e All ya'll bitches can suck my dick. don't quote me know cause I am still talkin shit. 001202
hi karate hi! 001202
sausage sausage carefully unzips and shows rhin his manhood with longing and anticipation 001202
that guy over there *snip* 001202
sausage christ! that's harsh. 001202
that guy over there just trimm'n the shrubbery man. 001202
jay nothing quite like it.......thats about it. 011101
TalviFatin You are so increadibly lucky that I love to swallow. You are VERY lucky to have my skill and talent put to use on you. Remember that. 011107
Casey My mouth is filled with the taste of hatred, and I don't want to digest it, I just want to spit it out. 011107
Cgarman In the deepth of your love I am swallowed up.

I like it if she will swallow
lost it doesnt realy matter to me that much if she swallows or not. i mean does it really matter if it goes into something other than her stomach. im happy enough she is doin it. but i generally go down on her first and then she goes down on me. 011125
sabbie my friend vince used to run around singing 'if he comes i'll swallow,
i'll swallow,
i'll swallow..."

it used to freak people out.

he was so much fun.
ClairE Always.

So far.
qi wen as in english, the chinese for the bird and for the action of throat is the same: yan(4). the characters are unrelated though. 011217
qi wen interestingly (to me anyway), the character for the verb is a combination of the characters for "because of" (or "as a result of") and "mouth."

written chinese would seriously blow some blatherskite minds. a chinese_dictionary (even more so than the already insane fun of an english dictionary) is a little self-contained blather.

dick (shun, hairy): that should lead us back to your normally scheduled blathe for swallow.
shiva but why? gross and pointless. why the hell should i care where it goes? i mean, if that's your thing... 011217
Toxic_Kisses I think its rude not to
I mean hell it would be offensive and rude if he went down on you only to end up spiting and hacking wouldn’t it?
Anyhow spiting is unlady like.
lost i love how you put the act of oral sex as lady like... just not spitting. 020215
squint not an issue
i'm stuck to the roof of my mouth
afraid to drown.

but drowning is what I do best.
maybe baby swallow me whole.

you don't know me but its alright.
i understand.
you judge. you hate.
you make me hate.
its all my fault.

i let you swallow me whole.
GibbyPhD U R sharing as much as i am giving.
Our canvas is painted with mouth & hands.
UR essence is given, received, given, received...
I always say thank U as I wipe my mouth.
"No, thank U!" is the usual reply.
It is an act of mutual worship
as I consume U w/ my Love.
niska just take a shot in the mouth, in the name of love... 030523
once agian Slip between my lips and I'll take you for a ride. We'll dance across these velvet valleys and I'll take away your pride. I'll make you beg for pleasure I'll let you let it go and I promise when I'm finished, babe, I always swallow. 031012
writings on weed this is dedicated to my ex girl "friend": =======
so i'l swallow it again... the pain, the misery. it happened again, you ignored me, i saw you and yousaw me but we ignred each other... you didn't even say hi when i walked by and so did i cuz i know you wouldn't, andyou'd embarrass me just like you've done before.... and you left me hanging... no call, no answer, and i was worried that you didn't want me anymore... but why? did i do something? where did i fuck up? i cared for you, loved you, wanted to be with you, but you threw it all away in a split second... and for what? you bitch... you fucking slut... so who are you lovng now? probably no one... because you can't love, you don't have that feeling, that ability to love someone, you lost it when... i don't know... you are like a venus flytrap, attracting people and then.... you shot me down the first chance that you had... it's funny how stupid i was... and still am, writing this... but i asked you if you wanted to be my girl, or if you were just looking for a one night stand.... not exaclty in that manner but you know, i worded it more nicely.... any guy would've felt devastated... i was disappointed ... with what you said.... it's sad.... it was sad... for me... and i wished that the earth would split and i'd go down with it... so how many times have you dne that....? how many souls have you managed to fuck up? you fucking slut.... i loved you... truly... and you knew it.... i was desperate for love, finally, after going through dead end relationships, empty feelings, and colorless life, i found you, and my heart tingled that different way again... i loved being with you, near you... and you didn't give it a flying fuck... this life is unfair... and now you're ignoring me when you see me cuz you don't want to be embarrassed with your friends.. this is no high school.... that shit was over 5 years ago, this is different, yet you stayed that same old bitch you probably were in high school... well then fuck you... and i'm out. for good... this is the last message you will receive from me and if you respond..... hmmm.... wouldn't that be something... i guess my heart is going to stay loveless for some time now cuz the space reserved for you, that was about 99 percent, is lost... the remaining one percent is still hoping that you.... oh never mind.
emmi all that unfinished poetry about you, sometimes i'd like to just crush it up and then chew and swallow it down with my morning cereal, then wait for it to digest and you'll be gone from my body by the afternoon.

really though, i just want to swallow you down to every last drop, over and over until i don't have to be ashamed of my addiction.
seeker I open my the bottle
and then my mouth
as long as I take these
I will be
In_Bloom The urge to say what's bound to provoke
The panic that will dig you in deep
The comfort where you find it
what's it to you?
who go