psyki keeps you awake at three in the morning. 000225
silentbob I always enjoyed devouring lucky charms marshmallows, and delicious cocoa puffs. i'd occasionally engourge upon Honey Nut Cheerios. but i loved...LOVED S'mores grahams. they were so delicious. and sometimes the milk would turn chocolatey.
One day i was enjoying (sparingly) some Rice Chex. they were good enough.
suddenly...the coldness of the milk made my throat tickle. and then i felt somewhat sick.
I ran to the bathroom as fast as my legs could take me and barfed up the entire bowl of rice chex. the aftertaste was the worst taste i'd ever sense and it was in my mouth, down my throat in my stomach. it made me throw up more.

i don't eat cereal as much as i used to.

moonshine I would have paid to see the outcome of that . 000622
tourist moonie but you do have a quirky sense of entertainment 001113
daxle cereal for dinner
daxle again
sigh again
god mail_me_a_bowl_of_cereal 010119
fardreams cereal and toast, its what i live on 010427
redspark yummmmmmmm cereal, so good, i preffure captin' crunch, there is alota good stuff but i revolve my day around bearkfast foods, hehe 010428
redspark wow u think i had enough typing errors in that one? you figure it out 010428
Persona I used to eat pac-man cereal by the box-full......I was sad for days when I learned they no longer made it 010627
Toxic_Kisses I just recently started eating cereal again, @ the moment I spend my mornings eating that new Harmony "A low-fat nutritional cereal for women"
Tastes pretty yummy I think and pulse its good for me too!
p2 i remember
visiting taiwan
when i was young(er)
i had a box of golden grahams
which roaches got into
my grandmother shrugged
turned on the stove
and put the box by the fire
"the heat will drive away the roaches
and then you can eat your cereal"
p2 i want to
come up with my own cereal
the surreal cereal
all sugar and marshmellows
and lsd
blue star comfort_food. 030105
ill when i get lost in the cereal isle i stand amazed at all the different wonderful sugary goodness in the colorful display before me. how can i choose, prize inside, new marshmallo shape, 20%more,JOYGASM!
my life has priorities:
cereal, cartoons, candy and cookies
ill i am OBSESSED with cereal so a thousand pardons if i become out of control
didn't it make you sad when you were little when the trix bunny couldn't have any trix? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! JUST GIVE THE BUNNY SOME FRICKEN TRIX!
Dude i really hope someone does make cereal with all marshmallos and LSD
maybe not, i might get scared when i hallucinate that leprachons and the trix bunny are trying to rob me, but then hey, maybe capn' crunch will suddenly show up and save me! or the kool-aid guy will bust through the wall and totally quench my undying thirst
yes after much speculation, LSD cereal sounds like an excellent idea but until then will somebody tell those assholes at luckycharms to increase the ratio of marshmallo to cereal?
nom be_muesli 031028
Strideo cereal_killer
marjorie I once lost two teeth early in the morning while eating a bowl of blueberry morning cereal. Both at the same time. Sticky blueberries. Needless to say, I did not eat the evil tooth pulling cereal again. They weren't even loose... 040331
ethereal sounds like ethereal. 040331
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