quiet space
stick to yourself.
don't bother anybody.
play nice.
be nice.
old hick Public transportation down to 6th street on Halloween. The scary thing is that some of these people aren't wearing costumes. 000124
girl i try to stay away from it. 000326
MollyGoLightly Try to live my life here. If I'm alone for more than 2 hours I start to get antsy... 000515
Shugarhi a place the stupid freshmen shouldn't make out 010515
CinnamonGirl same here molly
well I'm gonna ask you a question you don't have to answer:
do you use drugs?
stork daddy he didn't like to share. a good example would be airplanes, buses- an open or equal rights shared empty seat would never have his bag under it. It didn't feel like his. That made him often seem timid. But the darker side was that he had the same expectations of everyone else. he didn't like the idea of public. He'd put up fences saying keep out if he owned any property. you were always a guest or a owner. What sense did it make to be everyone's guest? or everyone's owner? 040326
sisyphus a good place to be alone, I think. 070727
jio jio 100215
what's it to you?
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