psyki why am I so afraid of them? 010310
nocturnal because they crash 010310
mikey i love flying 010310
monadh I could see everything from up there
as we sailed in the sky
above all the tall pines
and how the world seemed so round
and us in the shape of a bird
and how the light danced
from stream to stream
metal roof to paved streets
and it was that which brought me down
down into the lowlands
after having been gone
for years
moonshine Today, 2 oclock, is when I'll hurl myself out of a plane. 12,000 feet, and I haven't even slept... 010311
Tank after reading copious words of his, i shall always relate airplanes with richard bach. i guess this is what he wanted... 010311
dB Airline Food = Genocide. The deliberate and systematic destruction of all life. 010311
yenaldlosi the familiar morning hum of the charter flights crossing my path on my morning commute 021125
sphinxradio bye, dad. 021125
~*~LaddY BuggZ~*~ im afraid of airplanes too Psyki :) 031029
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