pussycat last night i slept with my arms wrapped around my pillow. i missed someone, although i'm not sure who, and i'm not sure why. there was an emptiness inside of me that i could not explain, nor could i comprehend it. 000512
zaxary you just miss the comfort of having another human being to share in the coma we call sleep. for life is short, and if there is noone to share with, why bother. or blather for that matter. (of course this is the coolest website ever) 030405
marjorie We walk around the room holding mirrors up to the mouths of people
We make sure that they are not in "crisis"
We have a higher calling
We have a purpose
We are... the holders of the mirrors.
stop mirroring for once oh joy
why, can't you think of anything else to do
cpgurrl as she slept, she was watched
by the stranger's hands that held her
and steered her through her nightmares.
cpgurrl (i'm all for blathering_poetically_ 040717
cpgurrl (i mean, blathering_poetically) 040717
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