Q Tap


Tap tap
tapped tapped
tapping tapping


You are dead, right?

Thank you, but I don't think so.
What makes you think so?

You didn't respond to my tapping.

So, who are you, anyway? The Director of the CIA or the President of Russia?

No, I'm the Angel of Death.

Really? I thought there was only a Devil of Death. So you must be the Fallen Angel of Death?

Well, to be frank, I don't know what color, make or model I am. They've never called me a Studebaker, Nash, Edsel, or Thunderbird. I don't even know if I'm a convertible, manual or automatic. Maybe I'm red or white? All I am is an angel.

Ok, good-bye.

You don't have that option.

Ok, stay here for at least 40 years while I count the blessings your nemesis, it's gotta be god, believe me, has given me in the last little while. I'm gonna need that long to consider everything thoroughly, test everthing out, get to know everything so deeply that the difference between us will be hard for even your nemesis to discern. Know what I mean?

Sir, I sure do. The customer always comes first. Just put me in the corner as some sort of jade statute. It think I can count up to a couple billion.

Thank you.
Count in peace.
You don't need to think about tapping any more.

Why not?

Oh, because the message will be clear when the time comes and I will surely have plenty of help.
Now please tell your boss I'm busy, have a chair to check out, and don't like being tapped, except when it is necessary to remind me I need to boil red potatoes, look north, or grind beans for fresh coffee in the morning.

OK. As long as I know I can make a sale eventually.

It's comforting to know merchants like you are long-term thinkers.
ethereal i've tapped into a glory.
sigur ros echoes into my ears.
my fingers flow with words.
they aren't just words.
im flooding the world. (blather world)
with music.
the music of meg.
my life.
thus documented.
ever wonder why i type to sporatically?
my mind is like this.
this page.
the words on it.
each letter a tap into my core.
within i am.
search for me without.
find me.
tap into my.
my life.
my me.
i am here.
tapping a little music into this keyboard.
brimming with music.
so daily.
so out there.
so beautiful.
i am here.
never there.
do i feel guilty?
how could i.
everything is fair.
you can't take it back.
live with it.
at that very moment it was you.
cling to that.
you are what you are at each moment.
unlike the next.
sacrifice all for each moment.
give to everything music.
here is mine.
won't you listen.
hear for once.
what i am.
who i was.
what i can be.
what i WILL be.
this is me.
i am meg.
i love.
i can love.
i do love.
don't underestimate love.
it isn't the game you once thought.
it can't be played.
the love that exists, floating upon the horizon.
that is life.
it blooms with light.
with pureness.
tap into love.
tap into life.
tap into my mind.
tap into the music that exists, gently above the horizon.
within your reach.
here i am.
Doar bravo for the both of you. 040224
what's it to you?
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