andrea i've been counting a lot lately
counting the tick of the clock
to lull me to sleep
counting bumps of spackle on the cieling
ignoring my sex fiend neighbors
counting the cars i pass
to forget what i'm driving away from
counting each step i take from here
forgetting why i've when i get there
counting the scratches on my soul
hoping someday i'll smooth them out
counting the tears as they fall
wishing they'd melt me like sugar
counting the reasons why and how
feeling like it doesn't matter
counting the scars on my body
thinking about adding a few more

copyright 2000
frank one is for us
two for you and me
three for when we had our first baby
four when we had our second baby
five now
vampers the days until i see you again.....its been years 010325
silentbob countingcrows 011026
niki i like to count everything in groups of 8 011026
ClairE I have had sex 50 times. It is unnerving when you meet the boyfriend of a friend of a friend and he says, "So, are you still counting?" 011218
no reason sometimes seems so foreign to me


sometimes you just want to let it all go
glueing quarters to the floor why don't you count the things you've done that you are actually proud of? 040209
what's it to you?
who go