auto cross reference system Like the stench of cat piss to your karma.

See trailer_park_sorceress.
girl_jane Holding onto my fraying string of sanity with one pinky-I'm slipping. 020220
Casey I feel like one of those garfield window clings. The only things keeping me alive are pointy round circles that I can caress with my palms. 020220
megan i keep you in my palm barely, clenching you to me, making sure you aren't leaving, when all i can feel in every minute is you, like sand, slipping through my fingers. is it hopeless baby? am i holding onto something that never can be? 021225
Boymansonbowie you always leave me clinging to the idea that i'm not just another fuck, although you never will say for sure. 021226
badjonni the shadow clings to the arrow 051026
unhinged let_go

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